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Curious on how Zeku's moves and mechanics work? Capcom's tutorial guide will show you the secrets

How to use Zeku's old form, young form, and V-Trigger

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • October 15, 2017 at 8:08 p.m. PDT • Comments: 56

Zeku, the last Season 2 character for Street Fighter 5, has a very large moveset. This means he is likely to be very complex.

As a result of this, it seems that Capcom has decided to release a detailed tutorial on how to play this fighter. He is essentially made up of two characters in one.

Here's a breakdown on what Capcom showed on their website:

One of his forms is an obvious reference to Strider Hiryu. This is Zeku's young form.

His other stance is how he starts each match. This is his old form.

In order to change between his young and old forms, he can use either his V-Skill or his special move known as "Shukumyo." Doing so will change his appearance and list of available moves.

Each form has different pros and cons.

Zeku Tutorial image #1 Zeku Tutorial image #2 Zeku Tutorial image #3

Old Zeku is noted as being particularly effective at keeping opponents away. This is thanks to his Bushin Gram attacks.

They have a lot range. This gives Old Zeku some very solid mid-range option that deal good damage.

Zeku Tutorial image #4 Zeku Tutorial image #5

Young Zeku is actually very similar to Guy. He uses the traditional Bushinryu style.

Capcom made sure that we know that Zeku has access to Guy's Hozanto special.

The purpose of this stance is obviously to rush down the opponent. It likely emphasizes speed.

Zeku Tutorial image #6 Zeku Tutorial image #7

Zeku's V-Trigger is rather interesting. After activating, Zeku is able to use Idaten, a special command dash.

Once the dash is used, Zeku can chain into his normals similar to how Juri's allows her normals to be chained. This goes from weak normals to heavy normals.

Pressing the V-Trigger command again will allow for a special combo ender that is unique based on which form Zeku is currently utilizing.

Zeku Tutorial image #8 Zeku Tutorial image #9 Zeku Tutorial image #10

Mentioned by: NewWorldOrderZx and Adam AJ Moore.

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