Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 current standings, early results ft. Luffy, MisterCrimson, Packz, Takamura, Infexious, Cobelcog, Akainu and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • November 18, 2017 at 3:54 a.m. PST

Update: This story has been updated with week 7 results.

Gfinity Elite Series is back with a second season for Street Fighter 5, and will once more be taking place on Friday evenings on a weekly basis in the UK.

Much like last time, players have been drafted by 8 differnt teams and will be facing off in a team battle format.

There have been some rule changes since the last instance, though, with the team battles being best out of 7 matches, and the team order being predetermined.

There are many top level European players partaking in this event, including, but by no means limited to, RB|Luffy, EnVyUS|MisterCrimson, Method|Packz, Epsilon|Takamura, exceL|Infexious, Method|Cobelcog and Prophecy|Akainu.

Streaming is being done at Gfinity TV.

You can catch the action at 6PM local time every Friday. We've included a time zone conversion chart at the bottom of the story.

Overall standings — Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 First Stage

# Team Name Wins Losses Points
1 Team EnVyUS 5 2 17
2 Prophecy 5 2 17
3 exceL eSports 4 3 14
4 Team Infused 4 3 13
5 Method 4 3 12
6 Endpoint 2 5 9
7 Reason Gaminig 3 4 9
8 Epsilon eSports 1 6 5

Week 7 — Battle log

Team Infused vs. Method
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Infused|Shakz (Karin).
• Method|NastyNas (Balrog) beat Infused|GunSlinga (Zeku).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Ed).
• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat Method|Verdoyance (Birdie).
• Method|NastyNas (Balrog) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Laura).
• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat Method|Packz (Karin).
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat Method|Verdoyance (Birdie).

exceL eSports vs. Team Endpoint
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat exceL|Hurricane (Cammy).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat exceL|Infexious (Abigail).
• Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega) beat exceL|Hurricane (Cammy).

Epsilon eSports vs. Reason Gaming
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat Reason|KI113R7 (Akuma).
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat Epsilon|Nightcross (Dhalsim).
• Reason|Undacova (Necalli) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• Epsilon|Nightcross (Dhalsim) beat Reason|KI113R7 (Akuma).

Team EnVyUS vs. Prophecy
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat Prophecy|KurtJC (M. Bison).
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Prophecy|DarkMoonHado (Cammy) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Prophecy|KurtJC (M. Bison).
• Prophecy|DarkMoonHado (Cammy) beat EnVyUS|Layo (Laura).

Week 6 — Battle log

Team Infused vs. exceL eSports
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog).
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat Infused|Shakz (Cammy).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat exceL|Brian (Menat).
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat exceL|Hurricane (Cammy).

Epsilon eSports vs. Team Endpoint
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim).
• Epsilon|Brick (Zangief) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).

Team EnVyUS vs. Reason Gaming
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma).
• EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma) beat Reason|KI113R7 (Akuma).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat EnVyUS|Layo (Laura).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat EnVyUS|Layo (Laura).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Reason|KI113R7 (Akuma) beat EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma).

Prophecy vs. Method
• Prophecy|Zera (Akuma) beat Method|Verdoyance (Birdie).
• Method|NastyNas (Balrog) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Prophecy|Zera (Akuma) beat Method|Packz (Karin).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Method|Verdoyance (Birdie).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat Method|NastyNas (Balrog).

Week 5 — Battle log

Prophecy vs. Team Infused
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat Prophecy|Zera (Akuma).
• Infused|Shakz (Cammy) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Infused|Afii (Laura).
• Prophecy|Zera (Akuma) beat Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog).
• Infused|Shakz (Cammy) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat Prophecy|Zera (Akuma).

exceL eSports vs. Team EnVyUS
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat exceL|Infexious (Abigail).
• EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li) beat exceL|Brian (Menat).
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat exceL|Hurricane (Cammy).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat exceL|Infexious (Abigail).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li).

Reason Gaming vs. Team Endpoint
• Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).

Method vs. Epsilon eSports
• Method|NastyNas (Balrog) beat Epsilon|Nightcross (Dhalsim).
• Method|Verdoyance (Birdie) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat Method|Packz (Karin).
• Epsilon|Nightcross (Dhalsim) beat Method|Verdoyance (F.A.N.G).
• Method|NastyNas (Balrog) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).

Week 4 — Battle log

exceL eSports vs. Epsilon eSports
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat Epsilon|Linkexelo (Necalli).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Epsilon|Nightcross (Dhalsim).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Epsilon|Linkexelo (Necalli).
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat Epsilon|Nightcross (Dhalsim).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat exceL|Brian (Menat).

Team Infused vs. Team EnVyUS
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat Infused|Afii (Laura).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Infused|Shakz (Laura).
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat Infused|Afii (Laura).

Reason Gaming vs. Method
• Method|RealMenace (Balrog) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Method|Verdoyance (Birdie) beat Reason|BoltStrike (Vega).
• Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika) beat Method|NastyNas (Balrog).
• Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika) beat Method|RealMenace (Balrog).
• Method|NastyNas (Balrog) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Method|Verdoyance (Birdie) beat Reason|BoltStrike (Vega).

Prophecy vs. Team Endpoint
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Prophecy|Zera (Akuma) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile).
• Prophecy|Zera (Akuma) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).

Week 3 — Battle log

Team EnVyUS vs. Method
• EnVyUS|TKR (Abigail) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat Method|Quiggy (Zangief).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• EnVyUS|TKR (Abigail) beat Method|Quiggy (Zangief).

Team Endpoint vs. Team Infused
• Infused|Shakz (Cammy) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Infused|Shakz (Cammy) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat Endpoint|Broski (Abigail).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat Infused|Shakz (Laura).
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog).
• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).

exceL eSports vs. Reason Gaming
• Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika) beat exceL|Brickterium (Urien).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Reason|BoltStrike (Vega).
• Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika) beat exceL|Brickterium (Urien).
• Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika) beat exceL|Hurricane (Cammy).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat exceL|Brickterium (Urien).

Epsilon eSports vs. Prophecy
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• Prophecy|DarkMoonHado (Cammy) beat Epsilon|Brick (Zangief).
• Prophecy|Zera (Akuma) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• Epsilon|Brick (Zangief) beat Prophecy|Zera (Akuma).
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat Prophecy|DarkMoonHado (Cammy).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile).

Week 2 — Battle log

Team EnVyUS vs. Epsilon eSports
• EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat EnVyUS|Layo (Laura).
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat Epsilon|Linkexelo (Necalli).
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma).
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat Epsilon|Linkexelo (Necalli).

Prophecy vs. exceL eSports
• Prophecy|DarkMoonHado (Cammy) beat exceL|Brian (Menat).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat exceL|Infexious (Abigail).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Prophecy|DarkMoonHado (Cammy) beat exceL|Infexious (Abigail).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat exceL|Hurricane (Cammy).

Method vs. Team Endpoint
• RB|Luffy (R. Mika) beat Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat RB|Luffy (R. Mika).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat Method|NastyNas (Balrog).
• RB|Luffy (R. Mika) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Method|NastyNas (Balrog) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat Method|Packz (Karin).

Team Infused vs. Reason Gaming
• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat Reason|BoltStrike (Laura).
• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).

Week 1 — Battle log

Team Endpoint vs. Team EnVyUS
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim).
• Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).
• EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Laura).
• EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim) beat Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim).
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).

Team Infused vs. Epsilon eSports
• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat Epsilon|Brick (Zangief).
• Epsilon|Linkexelo (Necalli) beat Infused|Shakz (Cammy).
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat Epsilon|Linkexelo (Necalli).
• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat Epsilon|KojackKira (Ibuki).
• Infused|Shakz (Nash) beat Epsilon|Brick (Zangief).

Prophecy vs. Reason Gaming
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika).
• Reason|BoltStrike (Vega) beat Prophecy|Zera (Akuma).
• Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile).
• Prophecy|Zera (Akuma) beat Reason|BoltStrike (Vega).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat Reason|Incognitus (Rashid).

Method vs. exceL eSports
• exceL|Hurricane (Abigail) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• exceL|Brian (Menat) beat Method|Packz (Karin).
• RB|Luffy (R. Mika) beat exceL|Infexious (Abigail).
• exceL|Hurricane (Abigail) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat exceL|Brian (Menat).
• exceL|Infexious (Abigail) beat RB|Luffy (R. Mika).

Team Compositions

Team Infused
- Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile, Ed, Laura)
- Infused|Afii (Laura)
- Infused|Shakz (Cammy, Laura, Nash, Karin)
- Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog, Zeku)
- Infused|GibbyGreatness (R. Mika)
- Infused|Zain23 (Ibuki)

Reason Gaming
- Reason|Undacova (Necalli)
- Reason|BoltStrike (Vega)
- Reason|Incognitus (Rashid)
- Reason|KI113R7 (Akuma)
- Reason|SaltyKid (R. Mika)
- Reason|Wireman

exceL eSports
- exceL|Infexious (Abigail)
- exceL|Brian (Menat)
- exceL|Hurricane (Cammy, Abigail)
- exceL|Brickterium (Urien)
- exceL|GingerV1k1ng (Urien)
- exceL|Terror

- Prophecy|Akainu (Guile)
- Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura)
- Prophecy|Vzurk (Laura)
- Prophecy|DarkMoonHado (Cammy)
- Prophecy|KurtJC (M. Bison)
- Prophecy|Zera (Akuma)
- Prophecy|BobSkyWalker

Team EnVyUS
- EnVyUS|RMZ (Balrog)
- EnVyUS|TomB (Cammy)
- EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma)
- EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li, Abigail)
- EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega)
- EnVyUS|Layo (Laura)
- EnVyUS|MisterCrimson (Dhalsim, Laura)

Team Endpoint
- Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim, Abigail)
- Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura)
- Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega)
- Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken)
- Endpoint|Mossmossmoss (Menat)
- Endpoint|Poizesto

- Method|Packz (Karin)
- Method|Cobelcog (Cammy)
- RB|Luffy (R. Mika)
- Method|RealMeance (Balrog)
- Method|Quiggy (Zangief)
- Method|NastyNas (Balrog)
- Method|Verdoyance (Birdie, F.A.N.G)

Epsilon eSports
- Epsilon|Takamura (Ken)
- Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid)
- Epsilon|Brick (Zangief)
- Epsilon|Atrosh (Birdie)
- Epsilon|KojackKira (Ibuki)
- Epsilon|Linkexelo (Necalli)
- Epsilon|Nightcross (Dhalsim)

Event Schedule

Gameplay begins at 6PM local time (BST) every Friday.

Time Zone Conversion:
PST: Subtract 8 hours.
EST: Subtract 5 hours.
UTC: Subtract 1 hour.
CEST: Add 1 hour.
JST: Add 8 hours.

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