Why I think it'd be better if Capcom tells us all DLC characters for Street Fighter 5's Season 3 up front

Silhouettes were fun, but I think it's time we put them behind us

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 12, 2017 at 7:45 p.m. PDT

We're nearly through our second season of Street Fighter 5 at this point in time, and we've learned quite a bit in the last 20 months.

Though we haven't gotten an official announcement, we're expecting a similar DLC character schedule in 2018 with Capcom adding a new fighter to the mix every two months or so.

Though the initial plan in 2016 was to reveal each character one at a time, data mining spoiled that a bit and we ended up learning the identities of all six newcomers fairly early on. In 2017 Capcom was able to keep a lid on things for roughly the first half of the year.

Though hype and interest did spike a bit at the release of each character, I feel like the last two years have shown us that this slow reveal approach ultimately leaves Capcom missing out on some opportunities.

While I understand the trickle approach when it comes to actually releasing characters, I believe it would be much better for Capcom and Street Fighter 5 if they released character identities simultaneoulsy when they announce Season 3.

Last year we learned about Akuma during Capcom Cup in early December, and then saw him on the roster less than a month later. Akuma is a special case because of his already iconic status in the Street Fighter community, but hype, speculation and discussion spiked and ran non-stop from the moment he was teased to the moment he hit consoles.

We saw this with Season 1's characters (all of whom were returning from Street Fighters past) as fans had six tangible bases to launch conversations from. Urien was the final addition to the 2016 batch, and served as a topic of discussion for months on end as a result.

Sure, we knew how he played in Third Strike, but what would Capcom do with him this time around? Would they change up his appearance? How would they arrange his moves within the V-System parameters of Street Fighter 5? Would the banana hammock come back?

Now juxtapose this with the unidentified characters for the first half of Season 2. These were all brand new characters that had never appeared as playable in the franchise previous, but the community (brimming with the desire to talk about these new fighters) found that they exhausted their topics very quickly.

We put the silhouettes under the magnifying glass more than a few times, and gave a ton of attention to various "leaks" that wound up being untrue. Perhaps the most prevalent conversation topic on this front was Capcom's decision to make five of the six characters brand new as opposed to legacy.

"The Street Fighter community wants to be excited. They want to speculate. They want more than shadowy outlines to look forward to"

It was at the very end of May that we heard Abigail, Menat and Zeku would be the final three fighters to be revealed. While we weren't certain, the community suddenly once again had tangible discussion platforms and the talks exploded forth.

We looked hungrily for any and all information we could find on these characters. Abigail was a boss in Final Fight, and would be even bigger than Hugo in stature. Menat had just been seen for the first time in Ed's SF5 story, and comparisons to Rose came in droves.

Zeku, who still isn't technically certain, was seen in the Alpha games as Guy's master, and so speculations to his play style and appearance kicked off and have been going strong ever since.

The Street Fighter community wants to be excited. They want to speculate. They want more than shadowy outlines to look forward to.

Like I stated earlier, I don't mind getting characters throughout the year, but if we got six names (and perhaps portraits) as a special announcement at the end of Capcom Cup this year, I think excitement for Street Fighter 5 would maintain at a naturally higher level than we saw for most of this year.

The spikes that come from character releases would still be very visible on the hype charts, but I'd be willing to bet that Capcom would be doing themselves a big favor by letting us in on their plans just a little more than they have in their previous approaches.

Editor's Note: The characters in the banner are just hopefuls/guesses. I don't know the Season 3 character identities.

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