Punk meets SonicFox in Next Level Battle Circuit's Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite grand finals, here's the pop off-filled set

'You should have lost anyway!' - Punk

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 12, 2017 at 10:59 a.m. PDT

Yesterday, PG|Punk took to Twitter to say that he would be attending Next Level Battle Circuit in order to take down the current Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite champion, FOX|SonicFox.

With a double elimination bracket as the tournament's format, there was a chance that the two players wouldn't meet during the competition. As luck would have it, Punk and SonicFox ended up in grand finals against each other.

With his Dante and Ultron team, Punk ran through the bracket on the winners side. He didn't suffer a loss until he met SonicFox in the winners semifinals.

After taking out PG|RayRay in losers finals, Punk was back to battle SonicFox to close out the tournament.

If you haven't checked out the full Next Level Battle Circuit v.87 results, we won't spoil who the winner is here. This is definitely a set you'll want to check out with fresh eyes.

SonicFox and Punk put on an exciting show, and in between games they took the opportunity to exchange a bit of friendly trash talk. At one point, both players make important drops, but Punk emerges victorious.

"You should have lost anyway," Punk stood up and shouted after taking the game.

Source: Team Spooky.

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