'I gave them advice on the look of the game and the actual gameplay mechanics involved in the fighting' - Harada talks Dragon Ball FighterZ

Here's what the Tekken 7 Director and fighting game legend contributed to Bandai Namco's upcoming fighter

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 12, 2017 at 4:55 p.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki told Game Informer that Tekken's Katsuhiro Harada is "the father of fighting games" to her.

The upcoming team fighter from Bandai Namco (which is slated to drop in February of 2018) has fans of fighting games and the Dragon Ball universe alike extremely excited.

Most everything that's been revealed for DBF thus far has been well received, as visuals, gameplay and adherence to the original IP all appear to be up to standard as far as the general masses are concerned.

Game Informer is releasing exclusive Dragon Ball FighterZ content all October long, and has recently come out with an interview with Harada (a long time Tekken producer and the Director of Tekken 7) in which he discusses his involvement with the upcoming Dragon Ball game.

Harada admits that he's more of a fellow Bandai Namco employee willing to offer advice at the water cooler as opposed to a full on contributor in the development team, but even water cooler banter is precious when it comes from a living fighting game developer legend.

"I was able to give input on the camera angles and some other fine details because of my experience in the fighting games," Harada told Game Informer. "I gave them advice on the look of the game and the actual gameplay mechanics involved in the fighting."

Harada made special note of the fact that Dragon Ball is unique in the fighting game realm because of the fact that it's such an established IP. This gives a ton of framework, but also puts certain parameters on the dev team as they are urged to adhere to preset expectations.

"I was able to provide some advice on what direction to take some of the backgrounds, where some of these other elements are already established within the franchise," he continued. "I did feel like I had a lot of leeway in that aspect, as well as with some of the characters.

Even with the characters being designed and established, I had a little bit of room to work with regarding the depth of the characters and how they are presented in the game. But that’s just because of how I am involved in this current capacity."

Please head over to Game Informer and check out the full article.

Harada image via Bandai Namco.
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