Did you notice the Street Fighter 1 Ryu image in the new Arcade Edition trailer? BornFree points out a few things you may have missed

Chun-Li's sequence very well may be referencing that epic fight with Vega from the Street Fighter 2 animated movie

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 11, 2017 at 6:31 p.m. PDT

BornFree is back from his adventures at New York Comic Con, and has finally gotten around to giving us his hyper perceptive perspective on the brand new Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition trailer.

Born goes through the trailer scene by scene taking note of all the happenings to analyze and speculate what Capcom may or may not be setting up for SF5 in 2018.

For instance, we get only a quick glimpse of Chun-Li in a flowery room, but there may be some evidence saying that this is a reference to perhaps the most memorable scene in the 1994 treet Fighter 2 animated film... especially when you take one of her latest DLC costumes into account.

BornFree also points out an image of the original Ryu from the 1987 Street Fighter arcade game. It sits amidst the cityscape during the scene with Menat and her crystal ball.

We also investigate why Capcom chose to use all but one of the currently revealed Season 2 characters in this trailer, as well as a few other topics.

It all may be looking into things that aren't actually there, but given his track record, we'd be willing to bet Born has at least a few of these speculations correct. Let us know what you think after you watch.

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