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A sand temple, an ominous car graveyard and Shadaloo city? Could these be new stages coming to Street Figther 5: Arcade Edition?

Here's a closer look at the brand new locales spotted in the new AE reveal trailer

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 5, 2017 at 2:35 p.m. PDT • Comments: 59

Today's Arcade Edition reveal trailer has brought with it a massive revival of hype and excitement for Street Fighter 5.

The community is buzzing with conversation and speculation about upcoming game modes, mechanics changes and visual overhaul. "Overwhelming" may be an understatement for the current influx of information, but I'd like to slow things down and take a closer look at the backgrounds of the trailer.

I'll list them off to begin with: Inside a towering waterfall, inside an Asian style home, a giant temple filled with sand, an all new city with a giant Shadaloo emblem, a snowy structure with dead trees and a junkyard with a green mist.

Laura does appear in a dark and rainy location where we hear a thunder clap, but this location only appears for less than a second, and doesn't offer much beyond what was just described.

Upon further inspection some of these areas look like they'd more likely be part of a new Story Mode (which has only been speculated about at this point) than playable stages, but we'll take a look at each one to see what details we can mine from them.

Let's first take a look at stills of each of these, then go in depth about what we're seeing:

AE Trailer Backgrounds image #1 AE Trailer Backgrounds image #2 AE Trailer Backgrounds image #3 AE Trailer Backgrounds image #4 AE Trailer Backgrounds image #5 AE Trailer Backgrounds image #6
Click images for larger versions

Things kick off with Ryu meditating inside what at first looks to be a small shack, but then is revealed to be the inside of a massive waterfall. Street Fighter 5 does indeed have a waterfall stage already, and this new locale could be more metaphorical than physical.

The area is very dark and lacking a ton of detail, almost as though it were from within a vision or dream. Akuma walks in through the massive waterfall, but remains totally dry, and their fight is accentuated by the fact that we see nothing but the two fighters amidst blackness once punches start flying.

We've seen overly epic areas like this before in Street Fighter games, and sometimes they exist only in trailers or cinematics. It also could represent Ryu's progress toward becoming Evil Ryu, so I'm betting this'll be more likely to pop up in a new Story Mode rather than be a fight stage in the game.

We then jump to seeing Chun-Li inside of a home-like structure, complete with a vanity station. The air is filled with flower petals which... doesn't make a ton of sense seeing as it appears she's indoors. It could be somewhere inside of the Kanzuki Estate, or perhaps at Chun's own home in China.

This is another area I'd imagine would lend itself more to a story mode stop as opposed to a potential new stage.

Rashid gets a very brief moment and seems to be in a giant desert structure. Giant mounds of sand sit on the floor of the otherwise darkened area. Perhaps this is a tomb of some sort, but seeing as we don't have anything in the way of sandy desert stages yet (save for maybe Skies of Honor), it'd be cool to see Capcom flesh this out into a new fight arena.

Menat's appearance is one of the most intriguing to me, as she's in the most busy and detailed area of anyone. Not only do we see a building behind her featuring what probably is a reference to the Street Fighter 30th anniversary logo, but we see a full reflection in her crystal ball of a massive city.

Flipping the image upside down, we can make out a giant Shadaloo symbol on one of the taller buildings. We do have New York as a playable stage already, but a Shadaloo city stage would be absolutely awesome.

At first glance, Kolin's area looked as though it were just an ice-themed area made to accentuate her as an ice-utilizing character. The doorway behind her has what look like dead, white trees around it, leading us to think this may be more than just a character highlight.

Finally we get Abigail's junkyard, which looks absolutely beautiful with its green, smokey background. I'm really hoping this winds up being a playable stage, as the potential of what one might find in a spooky car graveyard is excitingly endless.

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