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'[In Season 2], Mika players had to change their playstyle and greatly improve their neutral game' - Luffy on current Mika, wanted AE changes and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • November 27, 2017 at 4:02 a.m. PST • Comments: 50

Capcom Cup 2017 is drawing closer by the day, and a lot of top level players are ready to test their skills against eachother at the grand event.

In an effort to build hype for this, we've decided to reach out to the qualified Capcom Cup players, and will be bringing you interviews with as many as possible of the players set to participate in the event.

Next up is EVO 2014 champion RB|Luffy. In this interview, he talks about how he handled the R. Mika changes in Season 2, Europe vs. the rest of the world, characters he'd nerf and buff, respectively, and more.

Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: Right when the changes for the new season came out, R. Mika was one of the characters people thought got nerfed the hardest, but you, and most other R. Mika mains, have stuck with her and continued to do really well.

How do you feel she ranks in the game right now, and are there any changes you'd like to see to her?

RB|Luffy: R. Mika got nerfed a lot from Season 1. Mika players had to change their playstyle and greatly improve their neutral game.

I think she is mid tier now, maybe around 17th position.

Continue below for the full interview.

MajinTenshinhan: I'm pretty sure you're the only player I've seen win with a timeout using R. Mika. She's not exactly the type of character you'd pick to time out your opponent, how do you manage to make your cautious and calculated playstyle work with such an aggressive and in-your-face character?

RB|Luffy: Well, my original strong point and playstyle revovles around zoning and footsies. I could play the time all day with Rose back then. I can do that with Mika, too, as long as I am patient enough.

But it's true that by picking Mika, I had and still have to do a lot of work in understanding how an aggressive character should be played efficiently, it's a new type of character to me after all.

MajinTenshinhan: You continuously travel to events all over Europe, but also to bigger events overseas. How do you feel that European players stack up against the competition in other regions?

RB|Luffy: We do better than we did in Street Fighter 4, in my opinion. It's easier to catch up with the international level than it was back then - lots of videos, CFN and the reduced skill gap in Street Fighter 5.

MajinTenshinhan: If you could choose 3 characters in the game that you think need buffs and 3 characters in the game you think need nerfs, who would you say and why?

RB|Luffy: It's difficult to answer, because top tier characters have mostly the same weapons that low to mid tier characters don't. That's what makes it difficult for the later part.

3 characters who need buffs: Alex, Juri (V-Trigger), F.A.N.G.

3 characters who need nerfs: Ibuki, Akuma, Rashid.

MajinTenshinhan: Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is coming out early next year, and bringing a bunch of new features to the game. What changes are you hoping that this new revision brings to the game?

RB|Luffy: For Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition I really hope that they could do the following:

- Remove Crush Counter in neutral game, it's just too rewarding for the risk taken.
- If they leave Crush Counter in neutral, remove the priority system of heavy > medium > light. Or let Crush Counter only happen only on counter hit.
- Remove throw loops.
- V-Reversal should be the same for every character on startup at least, with the same property. Like on hit, give knockdown (or don't), and on block it's minus at the same frame, with the same distance separating both characters.
- V-Trigger should be toned down as well, they do too much damage and they're too efficient as a comeback factor.
- V-Trigger Cancel on block should be negative, but that means that one shot V-Triggers have to be reworked or timed V-Triggers really toned down.
- Pushback on hit should be corrected.

In the end, the most crucial things for me would be to encourage the footsie game and tone down comeback issues in just one setplay.

MajinTenshinhan: How do you feel about your chances going into Capcom Cup 2017?

RB|Luffy: I have a very hard bracket. My chances aren't big, but may the gods of 50/50 be with me.

Huge thanks to RB|Luffy for participating in our interview series and we wish you the best of luck at Capcom Cup 2017. Please look forward to more interviews in the coming days.

Photo credit: Kara "Karaface" Leung.

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