Sakura's future Street Fighter 5 moveset could be staring us in the face with Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode

Some say Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode was an experiment for Street Fighter 5

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 26, 2017 at 7:07 p.m. PST

As we know, there has been a pretty major hint regarding Sakura's potential inclusion in Street Fighter 5. Cherry Blossoms, or "sakura," rained down after the North American Regional Finals.

So how can we speculate on how Sakura might play without gameplay footage? Well, there has been a consistent pattern for some fighters...

Remember that special mode in Ultra Street Fighter 4? Omega Mode completely altered movesets of the entire roster.

We've been seeing a few of these alterations for characters come up in Street Fighter 5. Ryu's second V-Trigger appears to give him a powered up parry that resembles the functionality of a move he got in Omega Mode.

Other examples include Zangief's standing heavy punch being chargeable, Zangief's "Iron Body" which is similar to his V-Skill, Ryu's Axe Kick, Ryu's two target combos, Akuma's double heavy kick target combo, Akuma's air EX fireball, Ibuki's ground kunai throw, and many more moves. It is often pointed out that Omega Mode might've been a testing ground for Street Fighter 5.

So how did Sakura play in the Omega Mode? There are a few interesting things to highlight here.

Pendulum Upper

Here's a move that was quite prominent in Street Fighter Alpha 2. It was only Sakura's fierce attack in this game.

We saw its return in Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode as a unique command normal. This move is performed by pressing heavy punch while holding backwards.

Based on the sweeping motion of this attack, this seems like it could fit into Sakura's arsenal for Street Fighter 5. Whether it will have crush counter properties or be special cancellable, this seems like it would be particularly good at counter hitting.

Utilizing this is in the right situation could also make it an effective anti-air.

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This looks like a projectile, but it actually serves a melee move. It's a special move performed with a quarter circle backwards motion plus a punch button.

All versions of the move appear to knock the opponent down. The number of hits increase based on the strength of the button used -- i.e., light strikes once, medium twice, and heavy hits three times.

It's actually very similar to Young Form Zeku's Bushin Sho (palm strike) in this way. The EX version, however, causes Sakura to move forward while performing the attack.

Who knows? This might even replace her projectile altogether...


Here's a move that has been exclusive to the Omega Mode so far. Calling it a "dive kick" doesn't really do its description justice.

If you do a quarter circle forward motion plus a kick button, Sakura's jumping arc will stall and then change slightly before performing an awkward aerial kick. Like many dive attacks in Street Fighter 5, you can only perform this during a forward jump.

The EX version strikes twice. Seems like this could help Sakura approach from the air if she had this in Street Fighter 5.

Shunpurenkyaku (hurricane kick followup)

Interestingly enough, Sakura's medium and heavy hurricane kicks have a finisher followup. Press kick again, and the opponent will be knocked away.

This option is not available for the light and EX versions of the move. Perhaps this will be fleshed out a little more with different types of followups.

Here's a look at all the changes implemented to Sakura in the Omega Mode. Maybe there's something else here that can be added as well.

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Video source: DrewTony'Z.

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