801 Strider now sponsored by Team Allegiance

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 26, 2017 at 4:38 p.m. PST

801 Strider is now Allegiance|801 Strider. That's right; he is now sponsored by Team Allegiance.

While Team Allegiance is mostly known for their Call of Duty, Halo, and Smite roster, they do have a couple of other fighting game players. 801 Strider will be joining ALG|n0ne and Injustice 2 EVO winner ALG|Dragon as part of the fighting game roster.

We'll be seeing 801 Strider compete during the Capcom Cup Finals this year. We saw how happy he was when he qualified by making it to the top eight of Canada Cup...

As a result of this accomplishment, he was able to secure enough points so that his spot would be secured no matter what. There'd be no need for him to compete at the North American Regional Finals or the Last Chance Qualifier.

801 Strider still has his work cut out for him this year, however. His first set in the finals will be against Yukadon.

With that said, 801 Stider has seen a lot of success with his performance in Street Fighter 5. Undoubtedly, his Laura is one of the best in the world right now.

Source: Team Allegiance Twitter. Additional info sent in by RWA_Announcer.

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