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Sugiyama talks with Red Bull on the competition for Third Strike, his character Necro, and hints at new technique he wants to show at Battlegrounds

Would Sugiyama play Street Fighter 5 if Necro was added?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 14, 2017 at 7 p.m. PST • Comments: 23

Today, Street Fighter 5 is the most current game in the series. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is still played today despite the fact that two numbered entries exist beyond it.

While the third in the series did not do well commercially, there exists quite the hardcore audience for it. One of the competitors for this title is a Japanese player known as Sugiyama.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is certainly well known for how strong some of the top tiers like Chun-Li and Yun are. Many players have still manage to succeed while playing as a low tier.

Sugiyama is a competitor that's made a name for himself by utilizing Necro. This particular fighter is typically seen at the bottom half of the tier list.

We're excited to say that Sugiyama will be attending Red Bull Battle Grounds next weekend in Boston, and has sat down for an interview with Red Bull to catch us up on what he's been up to, and what we can expect in the near future.

Red Bull: You have been to the United States before for Evolution for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, what was your opinion then of the quality of play of the United States players?

Sugiyama: Due to the lack of Necro players in the U.S., it was apparent that outside of a few top players, most of them at the time were not prepared for the Necro matchup.

Red Bull: Have you been able to watch any of the recent Street Fighter 3 Third Strike tournaments from the United States such as The Fall Classic? If so what are [your] thoughts on it?

Sugiyama: I feel that the current level of skill rose considerably compared with the EVO I went to previously. 5 Star, the player who defeated RX felt the same way, and also believes that the US players became even stronger than before.

To this day I still remember losing at EVO more than 10 years ago.

Red Bull: The majority of tournaments in Japan are single game, single elimination. Do you feel that helped shape the difference in competitive mindsets between the United States and Japan when it comes to Street Fighter 3 Third Strike?

Sugiyama: Because Japanese tournaments are only one day, due to the number of entrants it is difficult to run a double elimination bracket, or even playing a set instead of single game. I personally believe double elim is way better; as you still have a chance even if you lose.

Red Bull: What do you expect of the American players gameplay wise in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike when you come to compete at Red Bull Battle Grounds?

Sugiyama: Recently, overseas players have been participating in the yearly 3rd Strike Cooperation Cup. There were many strong overseas players in attendance, and compared to the previous years, I think that they also became stronger.

Red Bull: Due to the lack of arcades the majority of the competitive life span of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike in the United States, most players had to play on console. Do you feel this hindered the competitive American scene?

Sugiyama: Similarly to the US situation, in Japan, game centers are slowly closing one by one (disappearing fast). However, game consoles can not completely reproduce game center cabinets.

The competition in Japan is congregated in the arcades, but this is by the efforts of "stakeholders of the game center" (arcade hardware manufacturers, software distribution companies, and game developers).

Red Bull: In your opinion what sets Street Fighter 3 Third Strike apart from the other titles in the Street Fighter Franchise?

Sugiyama: "Supe J," one of the 3S players I admire, said as follows. "In this game the blocking (parry) system is equally given to all characters, you can win with parry and lose because of parry."

It may be a difficult system, but I think that both players and spectators are attracted to this special dynamic.

Red Bull: Who is your favorite player & character to play against and why?

Sugiyama: My favorite player right now is "Nitto." His way of fighting is cool.

Red Bull: You are regarded as the best Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Necro player, do you think that’s true and if not, who do you think is?

Sugiyama: I feel that my Necro has kept on improving this whole time and I am confident. However, recently, strong Necro players such as "tamu" are increasing.

Red Bull: Necro is accepted as a low tier character, do you consider him a low tier character too? What kept you playing him instead of a high tier character?

Sugiyama: Since Necro is interesting, I continue to play him. Last month, I also found a new technique. If I have the opportunity to show this off at the Red Bull competition, I would like to and surprise everyone.

Red Bull: How often do you get to play Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and where are you playing?

Sugiyama: I play about once a week at "Oyama Newton in Tokyo" and "Minami Urawa Big One in Saitama."

Red Bull: There have been many new Street Fighter titles since Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. Have you tried playing them competitively and why do you keep playing 3rd Strike instead?

Sugiyama: Not to the extent that I play SF III, but I am playing Tekken 7 (Lili), and SFV (laura) as well. Because of the amount of time work takes up though, it’s unfortunate that I don’t have the time to practice and play these games more.

Red Bull: If they were to add Necro to Street Fighter V, would you try to play it competitively?

Sugiyama: I think that I will play if Necro comes out. Only my Necro can move the way that I do. Though I think that the adaptation to a SFV system-based Necro might be difficult.

Red Bull: We know that you recently announced you’ll be attending Red Bull Battle Grounds in Boston, do you have any final words for the American community?

Sugiyama: I am looking forward to playing at Red Bull Battle Grounds with you all! Just remember that my character is Necro. You know how weak Necro is. Please be gentle.

Continue below for the Japanese version. 下に日本語版があるので、ご覧ください。

Red Bull: 前にEVOのThird Strike大会のためにアメリカに来たことがありますね。その時、アメリカ選手のレヴェルのことどう思いましたか?

杉山さん: アメリカにネクロ使いが少なかったため、一部のプレイヤー以外は、対策が あまりできていなかった印象でした。

Red Bull: 最近SFIIIの大会 (九月のThe Fall Classicとか)を見るチャンスがありましたか?そう見たら大会が杉山さんの意見は何ですか?

杉山さん: 前に行ったEVOに比べてレベルが上がった印象でした。RXを倒した 「5star」は昔も強い印象がありますが、昔よりも強くなってました。自分も 10年以上も前のEVOで負けたのを覚えています。

Red Bull: 日本の大会はたいていシングルゲーム、シングルイリミネーションでしょうね。東西の負けん気の違いで、この形式は理由であるかどうかと思いますか?

杉山さん: 日本ではOne day tournamentが主流であるので、時間がかかるダブルイリミ ネーションは日本ではあまりなさそうです。ただダブルイリミネーションは 敗者にもチャンスがあるので楽しみです。

Red Bull: レッドブルバトルフィールドでプレイすると、アメリカの選手のパフォーマンスは何の見込みがありますか?

杉山さん: 最近では、クーペレーションカップ(にも 海外のプレイヤーが参加しています。強いプレイヤーも多く、レベルが高く なったと思います。

Red Bull: アメリカにゲームセンターはもうあまりないでしょうね。そのために大会でたいていゲーム機を使って、この事体が悪点と思いましたか?

杉山さん: 日本でも同じようにゲームセンターが少なくなっています。ただ、ゲーム機 では、ゲームセンター機を完全に再現できません。日本での大会はゲームセ ンター機で行っていますが、これはゲームセンターの関係者たちの努力で す。

Red Bull: 杉山産の意見に、SFIIIの重点はなんですか?他のストリートファイターゲームに比べて、なぜならそんなに人気でしょうか?

杉山さん: 尊敬する3Sプレイヤーの一人である「スペJ」が次のように言っていまし た。「このゲームはブロッキング(パリー)システムが全てのキャラクター に平等に与えられている。ブロッキングのせいで勝てるし、ブロッキングの せいで負けることもある。

この答えがないことが続く原因だ」 難しいシステムかもしれませんが、プレイヤーも観客も引き込む魅力があ ると思います。

Red Bull: SFIIIのキャラの中に、一番好きな大戦はどっちらですか?

杉山さん: 好きなキャラクターはNecroです。プレイヤーは「Nitto」です。彼の戦い方 はかっこいい。

Red Bull: ネクロ使いの選手の中に、杉山さんは多分一番強いの意見があります。杉山は賛成ですか?なさそうかったら、誰かは一番強いネクロでしょうか?

杉山さん: ネクロはずっと続けていたこともあって、自信があります。しかし、最近は 「tamu」など、強いNecro playerが増えてきています。

Red Bull: SFIIIに、ネクロはあままり強くないキャラね。これかかわらず、なぜずっと時にネクロを使い続けましたか?

杉山さん: ネクロが面白いので続いています。先月、また新しいテクニックを見つけま した。レッドブルの大会で披露できる機会があれば、披露したいと思いま す。

Red Bull: どこで、一週間に何回、どのぐらいにSFIIIをやりますか?

杉山さん: 「東京の大山ニュートン」「埼玉の南浦和ビッグワン」で週に1回程度プレ イしています。

Red Bull: SFIII後、色々な新しいストリートファイターやほかのゲームが発売されましたね。他のゲームをやらなかったら、どうしてSFIIIだけプレイするでしょうか?

杉山さん: SFⅢほどではありませんが、鉄拳7(LiLi)、SFV(laura)をプレイしてい ます。仕事などで練習する時間が取れないことが問題です。

Red Bull: もし、SFVにネクロが使えば、ゲームをプレイしてみるでしょうか?

杉山さん: ネクロが出てくればプレイすると思います。ただ私が動かせるのはSFⅢのネ クロのみです。期待する動きは難しそうですね。

Red Bull: ボストンのレッドブルバトルグラウンドに来ることが発表されました。大会前にアメリカの選手に最後が伝えたいメッセージがありますか?

杉山さん: 皆さんとレッドブルバトルグラウンドで対戦できることを楽しみにしていま す。ただ私が使っているキャラクターはネクロです。どれだけ弱いか知って いるでしょう。優しくしてください。

Translation thanks to Chaz "Mynus" Frazer.

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