Menat has some heavy flaws and I think is a middle-low tier character - here is what I would change about her for Season 3

Meterless damage and up close defense are two issues I'd like to see improved

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • November 13, 2017 at 7:23 p.m. PST

There are a handful of changes I'd like to see for Menat in Season 3 of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, as we here at EventHubs are doing a series of articles to examining the characters we play and what we'd like to see for them in the future.

I believe Menat falls into the middle-lowish area of the tiers for Street Fighter 5. She's not dreadful, and has some heavy strengths — she also has a few too many flaws to be considered strong, in my opinion.

The main flaw for this character is that she lacks damage outside of her V-Trigger and Critical Art — particularly when attempting to punish an opponent.

Her mid-range play is terrific, but if the opponent can throw themselves at Menat without much fear of retribution, they can break through her wall to take heavy advantage of her very poor up close defense.

The problem with most characters in fighting games is that if you buff the right move, you can turn a weak character into an incredibly overpowered one, just by changing a few frames.

With this in mind, I'm cautious about tweaking existing things that are already strong for a character, and instead like to focus of making their flaws not as pronounced.

Menat's weaknesses

Meterless damage is very lacking

This is a difficult problem for Menat, as when she starts a match, she has few ways of dishing out damage to the opponent.

Characters who can cover a lot of horizontal ground quickly give her a tremendous amount of problems, and her normals don't do enough to dissuade them from charging right in.

Even if the opponent uses unsafe moves to approach, Menat can't do much damage to them, which heavily skews the risk and reward. Why not just charge in on her?

The way I'd resolve this is by giving Menat a new special move — that does not require her Sphere to be in hand — which does 100 damage, and easily combos from her normals. It also wouldn't send the opponent flying across the screen, letting her setup some okizeme pressure with her Sphere afterwards, or jump away a bit to reset the situation.

I'd love to see the return of some kind of Soul Spiral special move, which was very unsafe on block (-8 to -10), but was at least there to make people think twice about throwing out unsafe moves, without much fear of punishment.

Very poor up close defense

This is a difficult thing to tackle properly, as Menat should be weak once the opponent gets past her defenses. She's a mid-range control monster.

The problem is she might be a bit too weak in this regard, and I wonder if adding a Kick version of her V-Reversal which doesn't do a teleport, but has a standard attack wouldn't be a bad idea. Her V-Reversal teleport is pretty rough to escape with.

Another alternative I've considered is giving her a 3f armor startup special move (an EX Soul Spiral) which could be used to counter non-meaty attacks, like Laura and R. Mika.

This might give Menat too much defensive ability though once the opponent gets inside, but Menat is one of the more helpless characters once the opponent gets in, and coupled with her above weakness of not being able to do damage to people going in with unsafe moves...

If Capcom goes this route, I'd like to see the 3f armored EX Soul Spiral be -12 on block, and leave her point blank. If she dares to use this move, she should eat massive damage if it's blocked.

Menat's strengths

One of the best V-Triggers in the game

Menat is an absolute terror once she gets her V-Trigger going. I'm sure you've all seen the combos by now, but the resets and options she gets mid-combo are extremely powerful.

While these combos and setups require a lot of dexterity and timing, the payoffs are extremely legit.

I don't think Menat has the strongest V-Trigger in the game, but it's definitely up there. You really should be scared once she activates it, in the hands of a top level player.

Outstanding mid-range control and normals

Attempting to outplay Menat from midscreen is a fool's errand for many of the cast members. Her buttons are outstanding, with a variety of ways to anti air opponents.

While some characters can approach Menat with relative impunity, many cast members can't take such a bullish approach, and have to patiently and cautiously work their way in.

Menat can keep people out with the best of them, all the while frustrating and dashing around the screen to keep herself in great positions, while making you run into her normals.

Decent mix ups and okizeme, from dive kicks and Sphere

I would never call Menat's mix ups and okizeme outside of her V-Trigger strong, but coupled with her other abilities, they're not bad.

Her dive kicks can be very shifty and hard to deal with for some cast members, and lead into a solid combo.

Sphere mix ups after you knock the opponent down at specific ranges can also be hard to deal with as well.

While these abilities on their own wouldn't be anything to write home about, coupled with her other strengths, I feel they're sufficient, and adding too much more in these categories might make her too lopsided.

Overall, I think Menat is an incredibly demanding character, from the things you need to know, to the technical dexterity you need to execute the things you wish to do.

She has some terrible match ups (Balrog, M. Bison), and some very strong ones (Zangief), but she's not so bad that she falls into being one of the worst characters in the game.

With a handful of tweaks, I think Menat would go from being a fringe character you rarely see, outside of Go1, to someone who is approachable and fun for many other players.

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