'I gained a lot of confidence from my performance in the Latin American Regional Finals' - DidimoKOF talks how to use Dhalsim, Capcom Cup and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • November 10, 2017 at 5:38 a.m. PST

Note: This interview was conducted with the help of F3|Brolynho, who graciously offered to translate the questions for AAG|DidimoKOF and the answers back to me.

Capcom Cup 2017 is drawing closer by the day, and a lot of top level players are ready to test their skills against eachother at the grand event.

In an effort to build hype for this, we've decided to reach out to the qualified Capcom Cup players, and will be bringing you interviews with as many as possible of the players set to participate in the event.

Next is AAG|DidimoKOF, the Brazilian Dhalsim player who took home the Latin American Regional Finals. In this interview, he talks about Dhalsim as a character, his surprise at taking the Regional Finals, prospects for Capcom Cup 2017 and more.

Here's a snippet to get you started.

MajinTenshinhan: How long have you been playing fighting games competitively?

AAG|DidimoKOF: I started playing professional tournaments in King of Fighters XIII. Before that, I only played casually in the older King of Fighters games.

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MajinTenshinhan: You use a fairly uncommon character for tournament play - Dhalsim. How do you feel Dhalsim matches up to other characters in Street Fighter 5, and is there anything you'd like to be changed about him?

AAG|DidimoKOF: I like Dhalsim's mechanics. I don't think my neutral game is good, but Dhalsim doesn't need it too much. He makes the opponent make mistakes, but he has bad defensive options. He has a lot of bad matchups.

Maybe it could be better if the slide was like in Season 1, and if they give him a confirm off of light attacks without spending bars. Because many attacks that are like -4, I can only punish if I have EX Yoga Flame. I believe that every other character in the game can punish -4 situations and lead into setups or oki.

MajinTenshinhan: You've been showing up at Latin American tournaments all year, and performing well, but at the Latin American Regional Finals, there were a lot of players who had gotten more points than you this year.

How did you prepare for this event to bring out the victory in the end?

AAG|DidimoKOF: Actually, I didn't think that I'd take the spot. At the Treta Championship, a CPT Ranking event in the South of Brazil, I got 9th. I was so upset that I didn't prepare at all for the Latin American Regional Finals.

I just played one day before it, against a good Guile in Brazil to prepare for GAM|Caba and try to do well. Also, I was working a lot so I didn't have much time to play.

MajinTenshinhan: As I said earlier, Dhalsim isn't very common in tournament play. Do you have any advice for other Dhalsim players on what to do to reach a higher level with the character?

AAG|DidimoKOF: I believe that to reach a good level with Dhalsim, first you need to know every meaty possible to make each opportunity lead into a setup. You also need to have good defensive choices.

I believe that SPY|Filipino Champ has one of the best defenses in the world, and he obviously also has extremely high knowledge about Dhalsim's tech and meaties. I'm a fan of his, by the way.

MajinTenshinhan: What are you hoping to see added or changed in the game when Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition comes out next year?

AAG|DidimoKOF: I don't think about that. I'm not a lab player, actually. I just like the game and my level gets higher as I'm playing the matchups more.

So, if there's any change, I prefer to just wait for it until it comes. But I'll play Dhalsim anyway. Maybe I can pick up a secondary character in the future.

MajinTenshinhan: How do you feel about your chances going into Capcom Cup 2017?

AAG|DidimoKOF: I gained a lot of confidence from my performance in the Latin American Regional Finals, so I believe that I can be a bit of a surprise out there.

But, I'm also aware that the international level is much higher, and I'm starting to get more experience as a pro player now. I have a lot to learn yet. I need more opportunities to grow more and more.

Huge thanks to AAG|DidimoKOF for participating in our interview series and we wish you the best of luck at Capcom Cup 2017. Please look forward to more interviews in the coming days.

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