How likely is it that we'll see a Sagat reveal for Street Fighter 5 next weekend at Red Bull Battle Grounds?

The stars look like they're finally aligning for The King's return to Street Fighter

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 9, 2017 at 2:47 p.m. PST

Let's kick this off with the obligatory "there's been no official mention of a Sagat reveal for Street Fighter 5 by Capcom" statement: there's been no official mention of a Sagat reveal by Capcom.

With virtually every possible character reveal in SF5, the Street Fighter community has kept The King in mind as a possible candidate. We waited for that familiar eye patch to emerge as the initial 16 characters were slowly revealed leading up to the February 2016 release, but no dice.

We had hoped that one of the six returning characters that made up the Season 1 DLC list would have that epic scar on their chest, but no dice.

Season 2's DLC batch was announced with the caveat that all of the incoming fighters were "never before playable in a Street Fighter game," but still it wasn't too hard to find hopefuls still holding out for something as absurd as the Shadaloo boss wearing a wig and going by the moniker "Shmagat," but no dice.

Despite the fact that the Street Fighter 5 roster is now up to a solid 28 characters, we'd be willing to place a pretty hefty bet that the 29th will be none other than iconic Thai fighter, and that we'll be seeing our first glimpse of him next weekend at Red Bull Battle Grounds.

It was around this time last year that the community was speculating heavily about the Season 2 cast for SF5, and while the aforementioned Emperor of Muay Thai was surely part of the discussion, so was one of the series' other most iconic characters: Akuma.

After Liquid|NuckleDu's charismatic win at Red Bull Battle Grounds in early November 2016, we were teased with the following clip:

Click image for animated version

It wouldn't be until PlayStation Experience (home of Capcom Cup) a month later that the demonic Akuma was actually revealed. If Capcom follows in suit, it would only make sense that we get a teaser for Sagat at Battle Grounds this year, which is set to take place in Boston November 18-19.

Last month's Arcade Edition announcement gave us further reason to believe Sagat will be joining the roster, which is great considering our readers here on EventHubs are really hoping to see him.

We'll be glued to our screens and ready to report any and all announcements that may be coming down the Street Fighter 5 pike in the near future, so be sure to check out our coverage for Battle Grounds and find out with us if The King is indeed coming back.

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