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Street Fighter 5 sells another 200,000 copies, total now up to 1.9 million

Strong sales over the last three months

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 6, 2017 at 12:06 p.m. PST • Comments: 91

Street Fighter 5's sales continue to chug along. Capcom has unveiled their latest financial report, and today we learned that as of September 30th, the game sits at 1.9 million units sold.

Back in June, Street Fighter 5 had moved 1.7 million copies. This means that the title has seen an increase of 200,000 over the last three months.

As one of Capcom's platinum titles -- a game that has sold over 1 million copies -- Street Fighter 5 now ranks as the 34th best-selling game for the company. Its sales numbers are tied with Monster Hunter Tri and Super Street Fighter 4.

Despite the game's rough launch back in February 2016, Street Fighter 5 landed as the 7th best-selling game in the US for that month. It sold 1.4 million copies initially, which was 600,000 short of Capcom's 2 million goal.

It wasn't until February 2017 that the financial report showed an uptick of another 100,000 copies sold, bringing the number up to 1.5 million. That following May, Street Fighter 5 jumped another 100,000, making the total 1.6 million at the time.

What may be a large contributor to the resurgence of sales is the announcement of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. On January 16th, 2018, fans will be seeing a large, free update to the game that will add improvements to the user interface, give all characters on the roster a second V-Trigger, add new modes -- such as the long-awaited Arcade Mode -- and more.

Those who have never purchased Street Fighter 5 can pick up Arcade Edition, both in digital and physical form, for $39.99. This will include the free update, as well as all 12 of the game's current DLC characters.

Capcom continues to show support for the game, as the 2017 Pro Tour draws nearer to its conclusion, the Capcom Cup, in December. Couple its eSports presence with the likely scenario of a Season 3 next year, and things are looking quite good for Street Fighter 5.

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Source: Capcom IR. Sent in by LordAkira, Gerelt971, and blx666.

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