Injustice 2's Hellboy is a straightforward brawler character who you can lay the beatdown with

Hellboy fighter breakdown

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 6, 2017 at 4:32 p.m. PST

NetherRealm Studios has finished showcasing Hellboy during their Watchtower stream that played today. We learned quite a bit about how the character plays as all of his moves were basically shown.

They were very quick to point out that Hellboy is a brawler. If you just want to play a character that will punch the opponent in the face, fancy tricks aside, Hellboy might be perfect for you.

His archetype is certainly similar to Doomsday from the first Injustice game. Being that Doomsday is not present in this game, this might be sort of a replacement for players that liked that playstyle.

Hellboy is noted as not being all that great in the mixup department. His overheads are slow.

You won't see him win too many matches via zoning tactics. Still, he does have a projectile.

Before we get too deep into the functionality of his moves, here's another look at Hellboy's super:

Click image for animated version

As you'd expect from a brawler type, he has his share of strong normals. Considering the size of his stone hand, big damage and reach is expected.

During his throws, he even pulls out the legendary Excalibur to damage the opponent.

He even has a command grab. While it is unblockable, it can be ducked under.

Using the meter burn option grants a combo followup.

As mentioned before, Hellboy does have access to a projectile but it won't dominate his gameplay style. Can be dash cancelled like the Joker's gunshot special.

The meter burn version increases the damage and knocks the opponent far away.

The Devil's Shoulder move is similar to Doomsday's shoulder charge in the first Injustice game. Meter burn for more damage and advantage on block properties.

Hellboy's leap attack does have a number of interesting options. Despite Hellboy going airborne during the move, this is a low attack.

If meter burned, then Hellboy will punch the opponent repeatedly while they lay on the ground. No combo followup, but it has big damage.

The leap can also be air-dash-cancelled either left or right. From here, the character can go into an overhead air attack.

Hellboy's character power is similar to Wonder Woman's power. The major difference is that Hellboy can choose the buff he gets, but at the price of a long cooldown.

One buff grants Hellboy a damage buff. Another grants him damage resistance.

He can also gain armor properties. He can absorb multiple attacks while this buff is active, but be careful of supers.

His final buff will revive him if his health bar should be fully depleted. This buff only lasts a very short amount of time though.

Finally, here's a look at some of his loadout abilities and looks.

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