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Rumor: Abigail, Zeku, and Menat coming in Season 2, according to EventHubs user who correctly predicted Akuma and Ed

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 31, 2017 at 1:57 p.m. PDT • Comments: 119

An EventHubs user by the name of Flowtron has been garnering quite a bit of attention as of late because of a few interesting comments they've left in a few of our stories.

Flowtron maintains that they know the identities of the upcoming DLC characters in Street Fighter 5's second season, a very common (and usually false) claim to see in fighting game community in this day and age.

Normally we'd gloss over such a statement, but looking over Flowtron's previous comments has us entertaining the idea that they may just know what they're talking about.

The user claimed Akuma in October of last year; the character was teased for the first time later in November. He also mentioned Ed, the fact that he'd change in appearance and two other fighters.
Abigail, (a Mad Gear leader even larger in stature than Hugo) and Zeku (Guy's master) were also on Flowtron's list as the fourth and sixth characters. They say the fifth spot goes to an "Egyption bae" by the name of Mamet.

Yesterday was the first time we got to see Ed's character story, and an a character that very much looked like the 5th silhouette popped up in it.

Though she's named only as "Fortune Teller" in the game thus far, this character also features ancient Egyptian style clothing. Here are some of Flowtron's comments along with character profiles for Abigail and Zeku and images of the Fortune Teller:

Flowtron image #1 Flowtron image #2 Flowtron image #3 Flowtron image #4 Flowtron image #5
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What do you make of all this? Flowtron has a pretty strong track record thus far, and their calls don't seem far off at all for the upcoming characters, but this is still all rumor until Capcom officially reveals the new fighters.

Thank you to BornFree for the tip off.
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