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Street Fighter 5 update is live; from new characters to system changes, here's a quick recap of everything we're getting

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 31, 2017 at 6:17 a.m. PDT • Comments: 74

Today's patch just saw a ton of updates come to Street Fighter 5, and recalling every last detail may be a bit daunting to some. Fear not EventHubs readers, as we've rounded up all the changes right here so you can remember with ease.

One of the most anticipated parts of this update is the balance changes to a handful of the game's characters. With new moves to tweaked frame data, the tier lists may be shifting around a bit after today.

Ed, the game's newest character, will also become available for purchase. Players will be able to pick him up for $5.99 or 100,000 FM if they don't have a Season Pass, and Capcom is awarding everyone who logs on between May 30th and June 13th with a cool 50k FM.

The Thailand stage will be back on the market for those that missed out in nabbing it last month, and the brand new Flamenco Tavern will also be purchasable in the store, both running for $3.99 / ¥400 / €3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money.

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You'll catch all the CFN changes after the jump.
Video source: Street Fighter.

CFN Updates

Rage Quit Penalty System

Back in December, we implemented an update to the Rage Quit System which displayed a special Player Profile Icon for the worst offenders and the most honorable players. These icons are working correctly now and matchmaking logic now takes into account your online behavior and frequent disconnectors will be matched with similar opponents.

Ranked and Casual Match Loading Times

We understand many players were not happy with the load times when entering online matches. There will now be a shorter transition when going into a Ranked or Casual Match.

Battle Lounge Country Flags

Country flags should now properly load in Battle Lounges, allowing players to locate competition in their region.

Matchmaking Improvements

It should now take less time to find an opponent in online matches. We’ve also added logic which avoids frequently being matched with the same opponent repeatedly.

Fighter Profile Stats

More detailed stats will be tracked and presented on your Fighter Profile.

Country / League Based Rankings

Players will now be able to filter leaderboards based on Country or League.

Friend Management System

In addition to adding a player to your Favorites, you can now add Friends and follow them on CFN. You can now also Blacklist players.

Interactive Timeline

On the CFN home menu, a live feed of your Friends’ activities is presented on an interactive Timeline. Using the Timeline, you can immediately add a recent match to your Replay List, view a Fighter Profile, manage your Friends, and adjust Timeline display settings.

In-Game Announcer Voice

The in-game announcer will give you stats on both you and your opponent using data pulled from the server.

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