Snake Eyez scores a double perfect in SF5 while Slayer shows fearlessness against Dex-Starr in Injustice 2 - Combo Breaker highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 28, 2017 at 9:02 p.m. PDT

The final day of Combo Breaker has now come to an end. We have highlights to show for both Street Fighter 5 and Injustice 2.

First highlight goes to RB|Snake Eyez's impressive Akuma play. After knocking down EG|NYChrisG, Snakeyez definitely had an interesting guessing game going in regards to which side he landed on after his light Tatsu.

It looked like he landed on the side that was the opposite to the side he actually landed on. Needless to say, this resulted in a stun upon Chris.

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Something odd happened during Scarz|Sako's match against NL. While playing as Akuma, his successful V-Trigger Dragon Punch caused Akuma to face the wrong way.

The damage still hit, but Sako wasn't able to get the hard knockdown as a result. While this resulted in a little less pressure, Sako was still able to take the round against NL.

Sako proved himself very capable of shutting down Cammy's dive kick pretty convincingly. At one point, he parried it, countered with the launcher kick, then followed up with a V-Trigger canceled Dragon Punch.

Momentum kept shifting between Snake Eyez and FOX|Justin Wong. Whenever one of the players made a crucial mistake, the other would punish it pretty hard and snatch the game from the clutches of defeat.

Eventually though, Snake Eyez was able to take the set from Justin and advance to the winners finals but not before scoring a double perfect...

NYChrisG definitely looked like he was in control of the set between him and Sako. It was here when things started to turnaround in Sako's favor.

Sako was also able to catch Chris's jump backwards with a critical art. It was once said by somebody that "60% of the time, empty-jump low works every time."

Despite Chris having a 2 - 0 advantage over Sako, Sako was able to prevail in the end with a very impressive comeback.

In his set against Brian_F's Balrog, Sako's Akuma managed to get him to the corner. After an EX Demon Flip setup, he instead went for the crossup slide rather than the divekick that everyone expected.

You can really tell what Sako was thinking after he got hit by Brian_F's V-Trigger reset...

This was a pretty dirty setup from TL|NuckleDu. While R. Mika's V-Trigger was active, he used his EX command grab on Snake Eyez.

Even if he had jumped away, he likely would've lost from the V-Trigger.

Undeterred, Snake Eyez kept his composure in the most extreme of situations. Despite having nearly no life to work with against NuckleDu's Guile in multiple matches, he managed to take the set from Du.

Despite making his way back to grand finals from the losers bracket, and being down 2 games on the final set, NuckleDu managed to land the tournament winning hit. Snake Eyez certainly did not go down without a fight.

Now onto the Injustice 2 highlights.

After Noble|Dragon trapped Slayer in the corner with his Poison Ivy, he really racked up the chip damage with this setup.

While in the corner, Slayer ended up not respecting FOX|SonicFox's lightning trap. Despite landing his wakeup attack, he ended up getting hit out of it which let SonicFox continue the combo.

Slayer showed a great deal of fearlessness against Tekken Master's trait as Atrocitus. He did a good job of landing hits while maneuvering around Dex-Starr's projectiles.

Source: Capcom Fighters, NeatherRealm.
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