Dogura reflects a giant tornado in SF5 while D.R. Gross tries to dodge bullets in Injustice 2 - Combobreaker day 2 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 27, 2017 at 11:24 p.m. PDT

Day two of the Street Fighter 5 and Injustice 2 tournaments being held at Combobreaker have now ended. We have the highlights of the day.

The game between Poongko and YBK|Daikoku Go ended in a time over. Based on the two health bars, most would've sworn that Daikoku Go had more life at the end.

Strangely, that did not happen. Poongko made a last ditch effort to drain off as much of Daikoku Go's health via chip damage right before the timer expired.

It ended up paying off for Poongko, big time.

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Daikoku Go was able to take the set over Poongko in the end. He made a number of high risk moves that worked in his favor.

With only a sliver of life for RB|Snake Eyez, he was able to pull in EG|K-Brad with his V-Trigger. The Critical Art that followed ended up leaving K-Brad with a sliver of life left too.

Snake Eyez ended up going for a command grab upon K-Brad's wakeup.

Brian_F had a really sick bait and read of NL's V-Reversal. This occurred after Brian_F cancelled a block string into his V-Trigger.

SD|Pnoy's 50/50 mixups with M. Bison certainly kept FOX|Momochi guessing.

Apparently Urien's V-Trigger is capable of reflecting Rashid's V-Trigger, being that it is a projectile. CYC|Dogura demonstrated this against JB.

NS|Joel's Ryu was definitely making waves in this tournament. Despite the fact that Dogura had two aegis reflectors sitting between him and Joel, this didn't stop Joel from throwing an EX fireball.

He timed it perfectly, as the reflectors dissipated right as the fireball got close. Was it intentional?

As for Injustice 2, the first two highlights showcases T7G|D.R. Gross's attempt at taking down FOX|SonicFox's Deadshot down. The matches definitely came down to the wire between these two.

D.R. Gross had a few interesting tricks to get around SonicFox's zoning, but it still ended up being a little too much for him in the end. You can tell the match up was a pretty stressful one for D.R. Gross.

In the game against cR|Biohazard's Bane, Noobe made a smart decision to use a backdash upon his own wakeup despite being in the corner. The invincibility certainly came in handy.

Source: Capcom Fighters, NeatherRealm.
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