Momochi goes for a crazy gambit against Daigo, meanwhile Punk does a slow motion teabag, and Fuudo keeps making comebacks - Eleague highlights

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The final day of the Street Fighter 5 Eleague event has finally come to an end. We have plenty of highlights to showcase from tonight.

PG|Punk was already looking strong against CYG|PR Balrog being that he was up a game and a round by this point. PR Balrog then decided to go in hard in order to get himself on the board.

Even Punk was kept in the guessing game on these nasty throw loops until the end of the round.

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Despite PR Balrog's impressive play on the last highlight, Punk was eventually able to prevail against him.

FOX|Momochi opened up with a very crazy gambit against CYG|Daigo of all people. When the first round of the set began, he dashed forward twice then went for the crush counter.

It ended up paying off for Momochi big as it resulted in big damage and put Daigo in the corner.

Momochi started off strong against Daigo, then ended it in a strong fashion.

DouyuTV|Xiao Hai ended up confirming a critical art off of a well timed light against Wolfkrone in order to take the set.

There was a very tense moment for GRPT|Fuudo when he only had a sliver of life left against Momochi. He managed to pull off an extremely impressive comeback in the end.

Here's a mechanic that rarely comes into play in Street Fighter 5.

Fuudo activated a delayed version of R. Mika's V-Trigger. After scoring a knockdown against Momochi, Momochi then missed the quick getup window and got hit by the OTG property of R. Mika's V-Trigger.

It's possible that Momochi intentionally missed the quick getup in order to waste the V-Trigger, hoping it was the drop kick instead of the body splash version.

The set between Punk and BX3|Phenom was surprisingly back and forth. I have a feeling that most people had their bets placed on Punk taking this set.

For a little bit, it did look like Punk would win. After stunning Phenom, he went into a slow motion teabag - just to make sure Phenom saw it.

Despite this, Phenom, amazingly, managed beat Punk thanks to his solid Necalli play. Here's the set winning move: Necalli's overhead.

Hype wasn't dead by the time we got to set between PR Balrog and Fuudo. Hard to expect something as crazy as a wake up super from PR Balrog at this stage of the tournament.

Really smart move from PR Balrog when you think about it.

A very strong confirm from Fuudo that went into his Critical Art.

PR Balrog was in a prime position to take the set over Fuudo. Unfortunately for him, Fuudo read his V-Reversal perfectly and got a very nice Critical Art to counter it.

Fuudo reaped a pretty major benefit from having an "assist-like" V-Trigger when Nadeshiko interrupted Punk's connecting Critical Art.

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