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Another 6,600 Fight Money up for grab in this week's Street Fighter 5 missions - here's how to complete 'A Game of Push and Pull' and the others

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 19, 2017 at 12:44 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

Street Fighter 5's latest missions are live and this week players can earn an extra 6,600 Fight Money by completing all four.

As always, there are three straightforward challenges and one that requires a bit of digging. "A Game of Push and Pull" is this week's cryptic mission and though it is one that we've already seen before, we'll be telling you how to complete it as a recap and an "in case you missed it."

Check out this week's list of missions below.

Street Fighter 5 missions 5-19-2017 image #1
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A Game of Push and Pull: Head into any versus mode and select the City in Chaos stage. In the background, you'll see two men trying to flip over a car.

All you have to do is score a handful of knockdowns. Get enough of them and the men will succeed in their mission, and you will succeed in yours. Finish out the match and you'll earn 5,000 Fight Money.

You can check out the mission in action below. Thanks to metaf4 for the refresher.

Click image for animated version

Perform a Combo 10 times: For a quick 100 FM, all you have to do is land a combo 10 times in any versus mode (no training).

Play Training Mode: Though the previous mission doesn't allow training mode, this one actually requires it. Boot up the game mode and collect your 500 FM.

Play a Ranked Match: Lastly, all you need to do for the final 1,000 FM this week is jump into a ranked match.
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