Why is Street Fighter 5 so stressful?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 18, 2017 at 12:47 p.m. PDT

Anyone that's played even a single set in a fighting game knows how intense the genre can be. Gray hairs have been known to grow in mass when things boil down to that magic pixel and every movement is potentially the round's last, but why is it that Street Fighter 5 seems to be more stressful than average?

In the latest episode of The Nameless Fighting Game Show, BornFree and I address this topic directly, noting that there's a peculiar weight on one's shoulders in this game even while they're on offense.

We also ask and discuss how much patience players will realistically have with SF5, the potential of Wolkfrone winning Eleague and more. Check out the full talk in the video below.

Timestamps are included below for easier video navigation.

00:25 Intro. Subject matter: SFV tournament stress? Should you move on from SFV? Pros and cons of Wolfkrone (the FGC heel) winning Eleague?

02:10 Stress in SFV. Why is this such a big talking point for pro-players?

09:50 If you have critiques of SFV should you just move on to another fighting game?

22:40 Thoughts on Wolfkrone, one of the FGC's biggest heels, winning Eleague.

28:10 Xian and Tokido going out of Eleague + crazy FGC weekend (Eleague Finals, ComboBreaker, RedBull Kumite).

Source: BornFree.

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