Pink Fresh reacts to CaptainZack's theatrics while Gonzales keeps getting kills via PK Fire - Royal Flush Smash 4 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 14, 2017 at 1:37 p.m. PDT

The Smash 4 tournament at Royal Flush has now come to an end. We have highlights from both the singles and doubles matches.

Our first highlight showcases CaptainZack's usual theatrics after winning the last doubles match against TSM|ZeRo and NRG|Nairo. Be sure to pay attention to his VGBC|Pink Fresh's reaction, his doubles partner, to these theatrics.

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Next up is a highlight showcasing BOT|SuperGirlKels's elusiveness in this 2v1 scenario.

You really have to admire the synergy and team coordination of ZeRo and Nairo in this particular sequence.

Now onto the singles matches!

This setup from The Great Gonzales was pretty sick looking. Using Ness's PK Fire special move, he was able to cancel the upwards momentum of his double jump for a surprise attack.

The Great Gozales wasn't done yet though. He kept the momentum going against P1|Tweek's Cloud.

In particular, the really smart usage of PK Fire and PK Thunder rendered Cloud's limit climhazzard completely worthless at recovering.

SuperGirlKels managed to take the first game off of ZeRo thanks to a well placed spring. ZeRo was unable to recover afterwards.

In the grand finals set, MSF|Mr. R managed to get the reset on ZeRo. He opted to use Cloud instead of Sheik.

You could definitely feel the intensity of the set after Mr. R managed the reset. ZeRo was able to get a nice spike that led to him popping off, putting him 2-0 against Mr. R in the new set.

Down to the very last game of the set, Mr. R looked like he was going to take it over ZeRo with his early lead. ZeRo kept himself composed though.

The tournament winning hit, with a nice pop-off afterwards, was yet another well-placed spike from Diddy Kong. The tournament was ZeRo's win.

Source: VGBootCamp.
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