After being taunted by NuckleDu over many past sets, Xiao Hai comes through... and has something to say

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 12, 2017 at 9:09 p.m. PDT | Comments: 66

Updated: We've added more highlights from these player's second set, (hint: teabagging) and added a few brief messages from both players into the quote below.

Most would acknowledge that there is a great deal of mind games involved in fighters at a professional level. This is especially true outside of the game itself.

In particular, the mind games between Liquid|NuckleDu and DouyuTV|Xiao Hai have greatly favored Du. Up until now, Xiao Hai has never taken a set off of Du in SF5, and NuckleDu has no problems taunting and teabagging Xiao Hai, just to let him know.

Tonight, things have finally turned in Xiao Hai's favor. As you might expect, he had some words for NuckleDu over Twitter after their first set.

Click image to view what Xiao Hai and Du had to say

Hit the jump below to check out the highlights between these two players in their first Eleague bout tonight.
Previously, NuckleDu has stated in an Eleague interview that Xiao Hai is actually one of his favorite players and that he enjoys destroying and teabagging him. More of these mind games going Xiao Hai's way.

During the set tonight, both players ended up teabagging one another on multiple occasions.

Afterwards, NuckleDu ended up switching from Guile to R. Mika. Despite the fact that NuckleDu was pretty heavily favored, Xiao Hai ended up taking the set 3-1.

These players would cross paths yet again to make top 8 at Eleague in the playoffs losers bracket, with the other competitor going home for good. If you like to see a lot more teabagging, these clips will be right up your alley.

The full results and battle logs for this competition can be found in our coverage story here.

Source: Eleague. Photo source: Chris Bahn.
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