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Lose yourself in Ed's Street Fighter 5 preview theme: a rap song with a full set of lyrics

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 9, 2017 at 7:56 p.m. PDT • Comments: 131

From sudden change in attire to button-only inputs, the newest brawler on Street Fighter 5's roster has brought plenty of surprises with him.

You may have heard a bit of it during his release trailer, but Ed's official SF5 theme stands out amongst the rest of the game's background music in that it's a full blown rap song.

While other tracks do have lyrics, ("Take This Higher" being objectively the best song in the game's entire catalogue) we've yet to get one with anywhere near this much in the way of vocals.

Vesper Arcade features an extended version of this theme in a recent video, with a full set of transcribed lyrics thanks to SonicSol. We're not certain that this will be Ed's in game theme, but wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being so.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Chemical catalyst, rattling of a hazardous
Subdued by all my memories but never been a pacifist
So put up put up the fists it's hard to resist
But I just might lose control so shoot and I never do miss
I gotta take a risk if I wanna have it all
So let go of the poison and the venom
I'm sinning I'm sinning the voices all spinning with the visions all written
Got the pictures of my prophecy, develop my philosophy
Woke up in the morning and told the world to get back off of me
And still the nightmares creeping up at night
I'm a fragment in the mirror seeing black and white
Like, who is me and who is gonna take me over?
My soul is my soul in the eyes of the beholder
Yeah, and now there's darkness in the chaos
Try to see the light and hope the positives will pay off
Ain't no time for stressing when the time is of this essence
Take these two fists and swing them back into your direction
'Cause that's the way I got it
And don't the sound of doom always sound so melodic
Look into the future know the end is coming near
Even though I'm standing tall in the face of all this fear
Vision's serving life like a sentence
Gotta stay strong that's the reason I'm so vicious
A barking dog, take it all never fall
You ringing for the champ?
Then I'm the one who get the call
So let me tell you a little something about this life
You can't commit to the game and you can't commit to fight
But the thing is that with every passing of the night
Nobody actually makes it out of this world alive´╗┐

Video source: VesperArcade.
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