Bandai Namco bans two players from UK Championship for alleged collusion

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 9, 2017 at 3:09 p.m. PDT

Namco Bandai has banned two players, District G|King Jae and District G|C-Krizzle, from the Tekken 7 UK Championship after concluding that the two were involved in collusion during their play at a Birmingham tournament on May 6th.

The UK Championship is a series of five events (the Birmingham event being the fourth) of which the top three placers at each gain berth to the finals at MCM London Comic Con on May 26th. C-Krizzle had already qualified in a prior tournament, but teammate King Jae had yet to do so.

Below are two clips that have prompted viewers to question the validity of the set in question:

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Below you'll find Namco's full statement on the matter. We reached out to the players involved, and received a statement from King Jae, which you'll also find below.

Bandai Namco's Statement

Following the Tekken 7 UK Championship Birmingham Qualifier, we would like to extend our thanks to Electronic Dojo for their hard work running the tournament.

Unfortunately, during the event two players have been suspected of collusion in order to manipulate the results of the tournament. Bandai Namco Entertainment does not condone such anti-competitive behavior therefore we have come to the decision to revoke the qualification spots for District G | King Jae and District G | C-Krizzle. They will also not be allowed to take part in the London Qualifier taking place on Sunday 14th May.

In light of this, the qualification spots will go to the next highest placing players at the Manchester qualifier and the Birmingham qualifier, the events the prior mentioned qualified from. We would like to welcome RTFM | Asim and ED | K_Justice to the MCM London Comic Con Finals on 26th May 2017.

We will amend the rules to have a clear clause on collusion as a result of this event.

The Tekken 7 UK Championship was brought about to facilitate the UK community's desire to play Tekken 7 early as well as celebrating the game's launch. We ask the Tekken community to look forward to the recap video showcasing key highlights from the event and to tune into the London Qualifier on the 14th May as well as the finals at MCM London Comic Con on 26th May 2017.

We welcome all fans to future Tekken 7 events to continually support us whether through attending or watching and will continually work to meet their expectations.

King Jae's Statement

In the tournament I had to fight 10 people to get to 3rd place. The tournament structure allows people to pre-emptively think collusion will happen because whoever has qualified beforehand is allowed to re-enter the tournament to place again.

Me vs C-Krizzle was a match where if I won, I would have a better chance of qualification in the final Tekken 7 tournament. One person posted a video of speculated collusion and an online group that like to troll me all started to retweet and post it everywhere so that I got disqualified.

I don't need cheat my way to the top 3 spot as I got top 8 in 3 out of 3 qualifiers. I have participated in loads of tournaments previously and placed highly, but due to consistent online memes of me, posts on social media and dislike towards me as a person, it got out to the Americans who also wanted to persist on the matter.

I feel due to pressure from the players, Bandai Namco UK responded in a harsh manner and didn't even approach me for my side of the story.

To add to this, the community manager of Bandai Namco UK said before hand 'not to throw the match' and I said 'I would not, that's not me'. If they felt strongly about this without all the tweets and memes people was posting, Why didn't they deal with it on the day?

This has been a clear witch hunt to assassinate my name and my brand, which I'm extremely unhappy about because my morals and integrity don't [coincide] with cheating.
Thank you to UpsetDreamer for the tip.
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