LI Joe confirmed to be a samurai, NuckleDu has no chance to tea bag, and then... creates one before the last hit; day four ELeague highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • March 30, 2017 at 7:40 p.m. PDT | Comments: 22

Day four of the ELeague has finished and we have highlights right here. This group contains a few of the best players of the world, including Liquid|NuckleDu himself.

In the case of the match between LI Joe and BX3|Phenom, LI Joe found himself wearing a samurai hat as a result of one of Phenom's round wins. For LI Joe to keep the samurai helmet against an opponent such as Phenom, it would have to mean that he was in fact a true samurai.

Once a character is given a "hat" as a result of a previous round loss, they keep the hat until the opponent connects an attack with their body. Even a blocked attack will cause the hat to disappear.

This requires the player to not only score a perfect, but also defeat the opponent while essentially not letting the opponent do anything.

Liquid|NuckleDu was very close to getting the stun against DouyuTV|Xiao Hai. We all knew what would follow if he was successful.

Xiao Hai refused to be stunned though, preventing NuckleDu's ability to teabag him. NuckleDu decided to create a new opening to teabag.

After scoring a crush counter, he decided to let the combo drop in favor of getting the teabag.

Ryan Hart shows RB|Luffy that it's a really bad idea to try to use a neutral jump as an escape option against him while he has his critical art ready to go.

Even when the stakes are high, Ryan Hart shows that he is willing to use very risky options when his back is to the corner. Against Phenom, Ryan was able to recognize that he wasn't respecting his possible reversal options.

Xiao Hai is able to demonstrate just how explosive a Street Fighter 5 match can be. Xiao Hai was able to guess right four times in a row against DNL|Chris Tatarian.

Thanks to Cammy's damage output and Xiao Hai's reads, the round came to a quick conclusion.

Ryan Hart was apparently not impressed with LI Joe's samurai status. He ended up scoring a perfect against LI Joe.

Luffy managed a last second anti-air against LI Joe in the last set of the night.

For full results please head over to our ELeague coverage page.
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