MOV is a punish master, Fuudo can't escape Wolfkrone and Xian scores one of the fastest perfects we've ever seen; day three ELeague highlights

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 29, 2017 at 7:56 p.m. PDT | Comments: 81

We're back with day three highlights from ELeague, featuring a group that many have been calling the "death group" of the event.

We caught top tier action from the likes of EVO champions, Capcom Cup competitors and deadly online warriors alike.

Our first highlight visits FOX|Tokido and RZR|Xian in the exciting finish of round one of their third game. We're titling this sequence "Who Won???" because it took us a few seconds to figure it out:

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Our next pair of highlights sees Xian and Wolfkrone facing off in an intense set. The first sees one of the fastest perfects we've ever seen as Xian runs over his foe in just 16 seconds. The second showcases Xian's clutch as he survives against the odds and turns things around to steal the set from the hungry Wolfkrone.

The last pair of highlights may have made Wolfkrone look a little lackluster, but don't be misled, he absolutely brought the thunder (claps) today. In his very first set of the day he took on GRPT|Fuudo, and took it to the Japanese player with no apologies whatsoever.

The first sequence sees Krone go on absolute offense, entering into what we're calling "flypaper style," and chases Fuudo down every which way until the job is done.

The second highlights the final moments of the set as Krone convincingly doles out Fuudo's one and only loss of the day:

If the above highlights made Fuudo seem a little lackluster, here's his redemption. In his brawls with Xian, a last minute Critical Art read sealed off the 2-0 victory, denying Xian the chance to stay alive for a third game:

GRPT|MOV didn't have the best day of his career, but he did make it through to next phase of ELeague with Season 2 Chun-Li. He did so with beautiful moves like this one as he punishes Cammy's exceptionally elusive V-Reversal:

For full results please head over to our ELeague coverage page.
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