Which five Dragon Ball characters do you hope to see most in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 20, 2017 at 7:45 p.m. PDT

You knew this post was coming eventually.

The FGC is still in a bit of elated shock to know that there's a Dragon Ball fighting game on the horizon, and though we're thrilled to see the six characters already on the roster, we can't help but start speculating as to who else is going to make it.

I've gone around the horn and asked both Dreamking and AdaptiveTrigger their top five picks for the DBF roster outside of Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Fat Buu and Gohan.

I also listed my five favorites, and why I chose them. Give out lists a look over and then let us know your Dragon Ball dream team.

Justin "AdaptiveTrigger" Gordon

The first character I'd be interested in seeing for Dragon Ball FighterZ would have to be Goku Black. For every hero, you need a cool evil version to counter that hero and Goku is no exception.

Goku Black most certainly has one of the most interesting story arcs in the entire series. His Super Saiyan Rosé and his Rosé Blade could make for a very contrasting play style compared to his good counterpart.

I'd also like to see Piccolo make an appearance as a playable character. Despite his popularity, he tends to more of a side character these days compared to the Saiyan characters.

What makes Piccolo particularly interesting is that he is typically said to be one of the greatest strategical fighters ever. I think that, plus his Namekian nature, would make for a very different character than the plethora of Saiyan characters we are likely to see.

Next up is a bit of an odd ball character -- Captain Ginyu. What makes this character so unique is his Body Change techinique.

I imagine balancing out a character that can exchange characters, thus messing up team synergies, would require a lot of balancing. I imagine this character would be kind of like MvC3's Phoenix (Marvel) in that you really have to build your team around this character to make him work.

Nappa could be a pretty interesting character. This particular Saiyan has pretty much all been forgotten about ever since his death and it would be cool to see him make a return.

Finally, throwing Super Buu into the mix could result in some interesting fights. This one tends to be the most intelligent of the Majin Buu characters, with how he absorbed other characters in order to make himself stronger.

Steven "Dreamking" Chavez

Broly: Easily my number one pick for this game. Broly is the legendary super Saiyan, and probably the angriest character to ever grace the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Born with a power level of 10,000, Broly is an incredibly strong, hulking character that would fit nicely in Dragon Ball FighterZ. I feel that his extreme personalities lend themselves to some very interesting interactions and cinematics for Arc System Works to play with. I can just imagine him walking into battle, calm and collected, then shortly erupting into a surge of super Saiyan power over the slightest thought of “Kakarot!”

Super Buu: I know we already have Majin Buu in the game, but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look as though he has any way of transforming into Super Buu. Because of this, I am 100% okay with taking up another character slot to add him in.

Super Buu, in my opinion, is the ultimate and best form of Buu in the series. Outside of his immense strength, I think it would be great to see his absorption as a main part of his move set. Copying other characters’ moves to use against them is always a fun mechanic in fighting games, and if done correctly could make for an outstanding character.

Tapion: To me, Tapion has always been Link from Legend of Zelda, but in Dragon Ball Z. He wields a magic sword and uses an enchanted ocarina to stop a giant monster.

Though he’s kind of an obscure choice, I think it would be awesome to see Tapion join the playable roster. Though Trunks will likely be the game’s sword fighter, I think Tapion would be a cool alternative.

Great Ape: Any one of them. Please and thank you.

While I understand that having a giant ape on the battle field for the whole match might not be ideal, at the very least I hope one of the Saiyans has the ability to transform. Activate a level 3 or level 5 super, the full moon emerges, good game.

Jeice: That’s right, the red guy from the Ginyu Force. Why do I want him in? Because he is the absolute worst character ever and I need a training dummy. Don’t judge me…

John "Velociraptor" Guerrero

These are in no particular order.

There's almost no way he's not going to be in it, but I have to give a nod to Piccolo first and foremost. He's been evil, he's been good, he's been a central character, he's been a sideline contributor, but always Piccolo seems to be around making things more badass in one way or another.

My second pick is Android 18. While arguably not as cool as Android 16 (who should totally be voiced by Patrick Warburton, who played Kronk in Emperor's New Groove) Android 18 is one of DB's most awesome female characters.

Next up: Pikkon. This guy hasn't had a ton of screen time, and yet he still made a very lasting impression despite being part of the nearly throwaway Other World Saga. I recall feelings of legitimate fear for Goku when Pikkon wound up for a third Thunder Flash. Pikkon is powerful, skilled and smart, and therefore a character I can easily get behind.

I also want Bardock. The dude is Goku's dad, can see the future and decided to nobly face off against Frieza despite knowing there was no way he could win. Put him in the game!

Finally, Trunks has to be in there. Like Piccolo, there's about a zero percent chance he won't make the cut, but I'm specifically hoping for the sword-toting, most awesome version of Vegeta's son: Future Trunks.

And that leaves us with you. Hit the comments section to rattle off your top five DBF hopefuls and why.

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