SonicFox and Madzin score perfect rounds, Slayer causes the crowd to erupt, and Whiteboi wins with Scarecrow - CEO 2017 Injustice 2 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 18, 2017 at 6:28 p.m. PDT

The Injustice 2 tournament at CEO 2017 is now complete. Like the Tekken highlights, we have some hype moments coming from the top 8 for Injustice 2.

This was probably the biggest tournament for Injustice 2 so far. There were about 400 people who participated.

In particular, Whiteboi had an extremely impressive run during this tournament. Many people might have to reevaluate Scarecrow's tier position after this tournament as a result of his performance.

In the first match, Circa|Forever King had a pretty big mountain to climb, as Whiteboi had a considerable life lead on him. You can tell that Forever King was desperately trying to keep Whiteboi from using his trait and getting too close.

After finishing his combo, Forever King tried to zone Whiteboi out. Batman's batarangs ended up being too fast for Scarecrow to teleport in.

Either Forever King flubbed up his input or he was trying to bait it out for a combo, but Whiteboi was able to teleport in and let the gas finish him off.

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Pay attention to how Forever King's health just sort of melts away after Whiteboi gets him into the corner. Forever King was in control of the match up until this happened...

Forever King wasn't going to go down without a fight, however. He managed to take a match while intentionally dropping a combo in favor of teabagging, just to send Whiteboi a message that the set wasn't over quite yet.

During another exchange where Forever King was trying to keep Whiteboi out, because of his trait, he was able to bait out the teleport and get a full combo punish. Unfortunately for Forever King, the gas keeps on damaging even while you combo your opponent.

Whiteboi ended up winning this match thanks to his trait at the very end.

Noble|Iluusions ended up pulling out his Green Arrow against EMPR|Theo. Despite Theo playing as Superman, a character with a zoning game that is typically hard to deal with, Iluusions was really giving him trouble with Green Arrow's fire arrows.

Eventually, Iluusions pulled out the meter burn boxing glove arrow -- an arrow type that deals huge damage and knockback upon hit. Iluusions read Theo's jump to get over it and caught him in the air with it.

It looked like Iluusions was trapped in the corner, but this is where Green Arrow's frame trap loop works best. Normally, Green Arrow's Savage Blast move causes him to retreat, making him unable to pressure after the opponent blocks.

In the corner, however...

In this next sequence, we just got done witnessing FOX|SonicFox scoring a perfect round against PND|Madzin. Immediately afterwards, Madzin then scored a perfect round against SonicFox, causing the match to suddenly become even out of nowhere.

This tends to happen when two insanely good players play insanely good characters. Their reads upon one another were very on point.

As a quick break from the action, we see Mr. Aquaman perform a quick little impression of Aquaman.

SonicFox ended up pulling out his rarely seen Joker while against Forever King. It was quite the treat to view the classic battle of Batman vs. the Joker in a high level set.

Up against Slayer, it looked as though SonicFox was about to advance to grand finals against Whiteboi. He was up 2 - 1 on Slayer and had a considerable life lead.

Slayer, against all odds, ended up beating SonicFox in the mirror. Just listen to the crowd.

While Slayer certainly came close to winning the tournament after he reset the bracket against Whiteboi, Scare managed to come out of it victorious. Here is the tournament winning hit...

Err... gas? Does that even count as a "hit"?

Source: NetherRealm Twitch.
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