'Dragon Ball FighterZ feels like Guilty Gear Xrd combined with Marvel vs. Capcom 2' - Maximilian looks at game play and mechanics for DBF

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 15, 2017 at 7:45 p.m. PDT

The more we watch the emerging footage of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the more hype we are for the upcoming team fighter.

Maximilian Dood logged about three hours of play time before retreating to make a video in which he shares his impressions of the game's mechanics and flow.

While often comparing it to Guilty Gear (which makes a lot of sense given it's being made by Arc System Works) Max defines it as "a more accessible fighter than GG," which is decently difficult at an entry level.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is "designed to be easy to play", and although the demo only offers six characters right now, each of them follow a similar pattern in that they all can do a basic combo sequence that leads into a wall bounce, then into an air follow up.

This isn't to say all fighters are carbon copies of each other, but rather that the game's entry level sequences form a basic thread that runs through at least the current characters. The mechanics are where things start to get interesting.

A Red Roman Cancel-like move, a homing dash and a nearly instant transmission that puts you directly behind your foe and launches them up into the air on hit... players will more than be able to adopt their own personal styles in DBF through such mechanics.

Max has plenty of interesting details in his report, so we'll let you get to it.

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