Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite demo review

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 13, 2017 at 7:53 p.m. PDT

Marvel vs. Capcom fans lucky enough to own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One are currently able to play the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite demo for free.

A handful of the staff here at EventHubs has played through the demo and chimed in to give a round table review of the little bit of MvCI we've gotten our hands on thus far.

The demo allows for about a 20-30 minute experience in the game's story with mostly mindless bots to beat up on as you begin to learn the game's mechanics and pace firsthand.

You do get to control a good number of characters, some of whom feel fairly similar to their iterations in previous MvC games. Read on for our full review.

Jon "Catalyst" Grey

Gameplay seems like it has a lot of potential, as it's very fun already.

On the other hand, the lip syncing on the story mode is dreadful, and some of the graphics just look way underpolished for a game that's about to be released. The overall graphics are OK, but some aspects look very rough.

The story, from the little taste we got, feels poorly executed on, with bad voice acting and no real compelling situations. It's possible with the latter, we only got a glimpse of parts of the story that aren't very strong, and once you see the entire narrative it'll be a lot better.

Overall, quite a bit of potential in the gameplay. The game is already a blast to play. The other stuff feels a bit rushed and incomplete, but that may just be the fact that it's a demo.

John "Velociraptor" Guerrero

Yes the visuals (mainly for Capcom characters) are pretty subpar when compared to most other games coming out right now, yes there wasn't a very deep story, and yes most of the dialogue consists of characters saying other characters' names.

This is a demo, we're still three months prior to release date, and it's more of a privilege than a right that we even get to taste MvCI right now. With that in mind, I think this was a pretty perfect sampling for the game.

I was more interested in seeing how the basic combat felt, and it seems pretty fun thus far. As a result, in regards to the most important check mark, I say we're doing fine at this juncture.

I do hope to see the potential gripes I listed above attended to at some point. I was also pretty surprised to see Chris Redfield as the team leader in a world where he's easily the least "super" character, even less so than Hawkeye.

The battle with Ultron-Sigma was the most fun for me because it actually allowed me to implement a bit of the strategy I learned in the preceding fights. (Was anyone able to beat him? We kind of decided he's impossible to defeat.)

Justin "AdaptiveTrigger" Gordon

The gameplay feels more neutral focused as opposed to the chaotic nature that was UMvC3. I certainly do appreciate a change of pace here.

In the story, I do like that there are “minion” type enemies to beat up on instead of fighting other characters all the time. I believe there was only one time where you had to fight five enemies instead of two -- I’d like to see more that, personally but I would also appreciate fights with characters too.

Finally, I do like how the first encounter with Ultron Sigma is actually an impossible fight. This feels better than having Ultron Sigma beat the characters in the cutscene, or have the player win only to lose in the story.

Now for the cons.

At first, I really hated how mashing the light attack gave an auto combo. Eventually, it started to bother me less and I became indifferent towards it.

I still don’t acknowledge it as a good mechanic though. Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who praised Capcom for making the execution more lenient in SF5

I also think the minions are a little too weak, making the levels go by way too quickly. Toughen them up a little bit please; let me enjoy the gameplay before it ends.

The dialogue did not have me impressed. I understand why characters kept calling out each other’s names -- to introduce characters to those that maybe be unfamiliar -- but for those that know all the characters, it really drags after the fifth time.

As for the aesthetics and the look of the game... I don’t even feel the need to comment on them really. They speak for themselves.

Your turn, let us know what you've thought about the MvCI demo thus far in the comments below.

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