Abigail sees other characters as car parts, tells Balrog to bob and weave, and accuses Dhalsim of 'enlightened gibberish' for Street Fighter 5 quotes

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 30, 2017 at 5:13 p.m. PDT

To say that Abigail is a very unique character in the Street Fighter series is somewhat of an understatement. Both his playstyle and personality have a number of quirky elements.

He is by far the largest character to have been playable in the series. He even beats Hugo by two inches, with a height of 8'0.

His story mode had him going around town, making car noises and speaking nonsensical gibberish. Eventually, we found out that he was upset about his car missing.

As a result of the sounds he was making, he ended up running into trouble with a number of characters that happen to be in town that day. This caused a number of fights to occur during his story.

This gave us a pretty good idea of Abigail's personality. Of course, his win quotes will also serve the purpose of developing his character to the audience.

He certainly has a number of interesting things to say to characters. For example, he comments to F.A.N.G. that he's the least dangerous poison that he's come across, which seems to indicate that he is referencing the character Poison.

One of his most interesting quotes to me is that he, ironically, accuses Dhalsim of "enlightened gibberish". Hit the jump to check out the video containing all of his victory quotes against the game's current cast of characters.

Source: DJ_Ultra's YouTube channel.

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