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Reflecting projectiles, anti-air jab, and even a cross up - here's what Abigail can do in Street Fighter 5

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 20, 2017 at 9:57 a.m. PDT • Comments: 69

Yesterday we were treated to a full-fledged breakdown of Street Fighter 5 Season 2's newest DLC character. The latest WSO Sessions over in the UK featured a showcase of Abigail, the 8-foot-tall giant, and we learned quite a lot about him.

This article highlights some of the most notable things we saw on stream. If you'd like to catch the full recap, be sure to head over to Capcom Fighters (you'll need to subscribe to view the archive).

From long-ranged normals to hard-hitting punishes, Abigail has a lot of tools on his tool belt. Let's get started.


Several of Abigail's punches find use at mid-range and up close. His standing light punch leads into a quick target combo. Standing medium punch is great for pressure and can combo into his back + heavy punch, which also has a target combo tied to it.

Abigail also has a sweep that sees him rolling forward and hits twice with the first hit being V-Trigger cancellable. To further open up his foes, forward + medium punch is an overhead that can be combo-ed after if it lands as a counter hit.

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Special moves:

If Abigail's normals didn't seem strong enough, you'll be happy to know that he really shines when it comes to special moves. His Nitro Charge is an armored run that gives him four follow ups, including a command throw and an overhead.

Abigail doesn't need his Nitro Charge to land a command throw, however. When up close to the opponent, he can fire into another that does great damage and leads into a wall bounce combo if the EX version is used.

One of his main pressure tools is the ground pound. The light and medium versions keep him stationary, while the heavy version makes Abigail flip into the air and can travel over projectiles. The heavy version is also plus on block, so your opponent is susceptible to a command throw right after blocking, even if they try to use a 3 frame normal.

Abigail's rapid uppercut special move is his main combo finisher. You can score more hits by mashing punches during the animation, and this move can be buffered into normals such as crouching medium kick for a solid punish at certain ranges.


In V-Trigger, Abigail gains the ability to charge his heavy punch attacks. These lead to extended combos, gives the normals armor, and can even guard crush the opponent opening them up for a punish.

Cross up:

Despite his excellent options on the ground and his size, Abigail has a cross up to further mix up opponents. Jumping over and hitting medium kick works as a traditional cross up and allows Abigail to combo if it lands.

Anti-air jab:

Jumping at Abigail isn't the best decision for players to make. He can anti-air with forward + heavy punch, crouching heavy punch, and most effectively standing light punch.

With jab, he can immediately cancel into his run for a meaty command throw mix up. If you get hit with jab in the air, be careful...

Stopping projectiles:

Most large characters that fall closer to the grappler playstyle struggle with fireball-heavy characters. Luckily, Abigail has ways of dealing with projectiles.

When timed correctly, his ground pound can negate fireballs, but your weapon of choice here will be back + heavy punch. Abigail can swat fireballs away with ease, and in V-Trigger he can deflect them back at his opponent if the normal is fully charged.

Abigail is set for release on Tuesday, July 25th.

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