Daigo - I want to see Gen, Rolento, Evil Ryu and Sagat (for Bonchan) in Street Fighter 5; The Beast talks emotions, hopes for other games and SF5

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 20, 2017 at 7:49 p.m. PDT

We've been waiting for this one for quite some time now, but BornFreeand CYG|Daigo Umehara have finally done an interview together.

Daigo has plenty to talk about, ranging from Street Fighter 5 characters, his recent tournament play, his history with Ryu and other characters and plenty more.

Though The Beast rarely shows emotion, he explains that Eita really got under his skin at Eleague, and that the fellow Japanese player moved him to a place of emotional play during their set.

Daigo also expresses a few wishlist characters he hopes to see in the upcoming season of SF5, including Rolento (whom he played in Street Fighter Alpha 3) and Gen.

Born also brings up other upcoming titles such as the new Arika game, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Daigo is reserving judgement on MvCI for the time being, but shows more immediate interest in the other two titles.

There's plenty to get to in this packed interview, and we've included time stamps for easier navigation below the video.

00:15 English question: How’s your Evo 2017 experience so far?

00:49 English answer.

01:00 English question: Thoughts on Ryu. What does he need to viable for you to play him again?

01:58 English answer.

02:29 English question: Are you happy playing Guile? Are there any other characters that interest you?

03:12 English answer.

03:38 English question: BeasTV - what have been your favorite/proudest moments?

04:44 English answer.

05:35 English question: ELeague - you looked angry during your match with Eita and later tweeted that it reminded you of the old days in the arcade. Can you explain further?

07:50 English answer.

09:18 English question: Red Bull Kumite - you appeared to go YOLO with Guile and overwhelmed Tokido. Tell me about that approach.

10:50 English answer.

11:28 English question: How do you handle pressure?

12:41 English answer.

13:11 English question: Which characters do have the biggest problems with, with Guile?

13:33 English answer.

13:37 English question: Any specific players that have been giving you problems?

14:08 English answer.

14:33 English question: Any characters from past Street Fighters who you would like to see return to SFV?

15:25 English answer.

16:10 English question: Any players you find interesting to watch at the moment?

16:55 English answer.

17:17 English question: Are you interested in any of the new fighting games? DBFz, MVCI, ARIKA, etc.

18:17 English answer.

18:50 English question: Do you play other non-fighting games for fun? Which ones?

19:21 English answer.

19:38 English question: What are you into outside of video games - your life?

20:37 English answer.

21:06 English question: How’s your health drive going?

21:44 English answer.

22:13 English question: Next year is the 20th anniversary - tell me about when you first came to the US to play Alex Valle in 1998 in SFA3.

23:29 English answer.

23:59 English question: Is it true that Alex Valle made you reconsider how strong Ryu was?

24:55 English answer.

25:33 English question: Where were you when they were giving out the prizes at Capcom Cup 2015, you disappeared…?

26:21 English answer.

26:35 English question: At Capcom Cup 2015, were you aware that people were comparing you to Ryu and his SF2 ending?

27:39 English answer.

27:52 English question: Anything else you wanted to say?

28:56 English answer.

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