Fenrich and Ryusei teabag one another until the timer expires, insane corner pressure from several players, and more - BlazBlue EVO top 8 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 17, 2017 at 10:38 a.m. PDT

Yesterday was the final day for EVO 2017. Despite the intense pressure on the shoulders of the finalists, each competitor put on an amazing show for those watching on EVO Sunday..

The BlazBlue tournament has since come to an end, and we have highlights to share with you from the event's finals.

First highlight showcases a match between Tochigin and MT. Takao. It looked like this was definitely MT. Takao's game due to his tremendous life lead.

Despite this, Tochigin managed to get him into the corner. After that, he was able to lock him down.

From there, he was able to make all the right reads when it really counted. When MT. Takao threw out a projectile, Tochigin predicted it and jumped over it for the game winning combo.

You can tell MT. Takao was disappointed with the result.

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Ryusei was down on life against Fenrich, and time was not on his side. Regardless, he was able to clutch it out in the end.

IGS|Kaibutsukun had a solid health lead over Fumi. It ended up being a devastating loss for Kaibutsukun.

The set between Fenrich and Fumi was pretty crazy. They both kept locking each other down in the corner and launched crazy amounts of pressure against one another.

In the end, this was Fenrich's set to win.

Now Fenrich was in grand finals against Ryusei. He needed to win to sets to take the tournament.

By this point, he was already up two games against Ryusei. Ryusei ended up taking a game before having the bracket reset against him.

The reaction here was priceless.

In the end, Fenrich was able to get the reset he was seeking -- in a very hilarious fashion. With Ryusei too far behind in life, he realized he didn't have enough time to take the life lead back.

Both players decided to just teabag until the clock ran out.

Ryusei would eventually become the winner of the tournament. Here' the tournament winning hit.

Source: EVO's Twitch channel.

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