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Abigail's reveal (and looks) in Street Fighter 5 have me completely torn...

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 17, 2017 at 4:32 p.m. PDT • Comments: 174

In the week's prior to yesterday's reveal, rumblings of Abigail's potential inclusion on Street Fighter 5 Season 2's playable roster spread across the fighting game community. Though some fans weren't particularly enthused about an obscure Final Fight boss making his way into a modern Street Fighter title, I happened to be pretty thrilled.

Knowing that Abigail would be the largest Street Fighter character to-date had me intrigued and hopeful for what he might look and play like. Admittedly, the character's potential links to heavy metal legend King Diamond also had my head spinning.

The potential for a towering titan and his limited Final Fight move set was seemingly endless, and Capcom kicked off EVO weekend with a bang. On Friday we saw the unveiling of Street Fighter 5's Nostalgic costumes, the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 stage, and Liquid|NuckleDu's Champion's Choice costume for Guile.

What followed was an image on Twitter giving us our first look at the Metro City Bay Area stage, which only further generated hype for a potential Abigail reveal. Hell, even Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono let loose one of his trademark Blanka toy teasers. It felt like old times again, and I cannot stress how refreshing it was considering the drought of sorts we've been in lately with Capcom and Street Fighter 5.

For the first time in what felt like ages, I was genuinely eager to see the next big character reveal. Like everyone else, I had to wait until Street Fighter 5's finals on EVO Sunday for the announcement.

Top 8 eventually rolled around, and Ono took to the stage to introduce the next character.

Fans were on the edge of their seats. Then the trailer started...

Within the first 15 seconds Abigail appeared on screen pretending to drive a car, complete with car noises he produced using his mouth. I honestly could not facepalm fast enough.

Click image for animated version

It was clear right from the get-go that this character was going to be more on the silly side of life, which was something I was really hoping wouldn't be the case. The thought of Street Fighter's largest character ever being a ruthless badass and striking fear into anyone who opposes him is great in my mind, but that doesn't seem to be the route taken for Abigail.

Ridiculous car-driving intro aside, what irked me most about Abigail is the way he looks. I'm not talking about the tires wrapped around his biceps or the maple leaf mohawk -- I actually think those details are awesome. I mean his anatomy.

To be frank, Abigail just looks... weird. His arms are enormous -- which stands to reason considering he's a giant -- however, his head and legs don't seem proportionate to the rest of him. It's not always noticeable, but from certain angles it's impossible to miss.

Just check out the image below and see for yourself.

Abigail body image #1
Click images for larger versions

In addition to that, his upper body appears as though its inflated or something. His shoulder, elbows, and his back look really unnatural in some clips, even by Street Fighter's hyper-buff characters standard.

Social media was quick to express similar feelings about Abigail's looks. From pro players to one Twitter user who quickly put out a redesign of Abigail in order to fix the oddities, it seems that a lot of folks were (and still are) taken aback by his looks.

By now, I've watched the trailer about 10 times -- mainly to examine what kind of tools Abigail has in his arsenal. Based on my findings from the trailer, coupled with the details we learned this morning, I can honestly say that Abigail looks incredibly fun to play. And hence, I'm torn.

"Ridiculous car-driving intro aside, what irked me most about Abigail is the way he looks"

For starters, Abigail has some killer juggle combos at this disposal. Using his different EX moves, he can bounce opponents off the wall or put them into a crumple state that allows him to continue the punishment.

His V-Skill performs high and low counters that don't just end in a knockdown, but actually lead to a follow up combo. Not to mention his machine gun upper-type special move looks godlike.

However, what makes me most excited to play Abigail is his Nitro Charge. As we now know, this special move sees the behemoth run directly at the opponent and has one hit of armor (two hits if it's the EX version).

In my opinion, this move is amazing because of its four follow ups: a straight punch, command throw, counter, or overhead. I can only imagine that this will make for some truly terrifying mix up opportunities. Like Ken's run pressure, but on steroids (literally, from the looks of it).

It is refreshing to see that Capcom didn't make Abigail a full-fledged grappler, despite that usually being the case for larger fighters.

Abigail didn't live up to what I imagined and hoped him to be. However, I think I can get past his strange looks if it means I'll be able to set up an intricate mental game with my opponents that not only shatters their will, but also their character's bones.

As long as opponents can jump over Abigail when he's standing and throwing him doesn't break the game, I think Season 2's next character is going to be an absolute riot to use in battle.

And hey, at least we have Abigail's alternate costumes to help with his abnormally small head.

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