Xiao Hai suffers difficult loss in grand finals of King of Fighters 14 at EVO 2017 after boasting before tournament

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 15, 2017 at 9:56 a.m. PDT

Boasting that you feel like you've got a tournament victory on lock down can put a tremendous amount of pressure on your shoulders.

DouyuTV|Xiao Hai is an amazingly gifted fighting game player, and one of the best King of Fighters competitors around — hands down.

As such, a number of people had him penciled in as the favorite to take the King of Fighters 14 competition at EVO 2017, including himself.

The competitors at EVO 2017 had other plans though...

Xiao Hai was off to a terrific start, sitting in winners semi-finals, as the competition had wound down from nearly 400 competitors to just the top 8.

KCO|Luis Cha threw the first wrench in Xiao Hai's plans, with his anchor Mui Mui defeating Xiao's notoriously strong Iori.

Down but not out, this is when Xiao Hai kicked it into high gear. He 2-0ed Pako, and took down ZJZ 2-1, to earn a losers finals rematch with Luis Cha.

Xiao was much more on point in this runback set. While Luis managed to get him down to his anchor Iori twice, he couldn't defeat him either time. In the final game, Xiao didn't lose a single character, and ended up taking losers finals with a clean 3-0 sweep.

This brought us to grand finals, where he faced HuomaoTV's E.T., who hails from Taiwan.

E.T. jumped out to a strong 2-0 lead in the final set of the evening, needing only one more game to seal the deal, and this is where Xiao stepped up.

Figuring out the difficult problem E.T.'s Daimon was presenting, Hai rattled off two straight wins of his own, getting us to a 2-2 score.

In the end, E.T.'s Daimon proved to be too strong though, and made the key plays to take home victory at EVO 2017. The commentary team aptly described Xiao Hai's reaction, simply repeating the word "devastated."

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Media from EVO's Twitch page. Also submitted by Wanderer.

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