Semiij has a perfect round against SonicFox, THEO deals massive damage in the corner, and more - Injustice 2 EVO top 8 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 15, 2017 at 7:56 p.m. PDT

The Injustice 2 tournament for EVO 2017 has now come to an end. There were some pretty hype moments that need to be reviewed.

We got highlights from the top eight portion of the event. This is just to give a taste of the excitement.

Our first set of highlights are focused upon FOX|SonicFox's set with CR|HoneyBee. Initially, SonicFox was playing as Red Hood while HoneyBee was using the Flash.

Throughout the whole tournament, SonicFox was able to get into top eight without losing a single match. HoneyBee was giving him a little trouble, however, considering the score was 1 - 1.

SonicFox was slightly behind HoneyBee in terms of remaining life. The gap was becoming smaller though.

HoneyBee then used his trait and went for a high risk maneuver -- an advancing low attack. His gamble paid off and allowed him to combo into his super.

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Despite SonicFox probably being the favorite to win EVO this year, HoneyBee was able to send him to losers. You can just feel his excitement.

Noble|Dragon looked like he was about to make a comeback against PG|Hayatei. Unfortunately for him, the armor from his meter burned B3 (back and heavy) wasn't able to hold up to Robin's quick multiple strikes.

A pretty smart move from FOX|THEO, jumping to beat Black Adam's lightning strikes. He ended up being too far behind in life to take this match, however.

HoneyBee's offense was just unrelenting once it got started against Dragon.

If you ever find yourself trapped in the corner by THEO's Superman, you can expect to take over 564 damage.

Noble|Semiij actually managed to score a perfect round on SonicFox.

Then, he eliminated him.

After a devastating Superman corner combo from THEO, Honey attempts to meter burn roll but gets caught by the laser anyhow. This, however, did not deter him from trying it again at the beginning of the next round.

To take the set, HoneyBee commits to an overhead cancelled into Super. HoneyBee was celebrating before the animation finished.

HoneyBee came super close to winning the tournament. He brought it to game five against Dragon, but Dragon was able to win in the end. Still, this was a really impressive match win for HoneyBee.

Source: EVO Twitch channel.

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