Infiltration brings mention to Floe's curse, Sako has a sick parry, and Haitani keeps dunking Daigo - EVO Street Fighter 5 day 2 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 15, 2017 at 6:27 p.m. PDT

We're now at day two of EVO 2017. As more players get eliminated, the intensity escalates for those that remain.

Like before, we've been collecting highlights of some of the coolest moments that occurred on stream. This is just to give you a taste of what the tournament offered if you missed out earlier.

We'll, of course, be doing this for day three of EVO as well. Just like how we did it today and yesterday.

First up, we have to bring mention to a couple of moments that occurred before the games were played. These were pretty whimsical.

Infiltration had a bit of a real life taunt for his opponent, Floe. It seems like he was trying to have Floe cursed by bringing mention to it before their match.

Meanwhile, one of the players was cosplaying as Sean from Street Fighter 3.

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Here's a rare instance of Guile's super just completely failing Liquid|NuckleDu. It almost caused him to lose this round against RZR|Infiltration... almost.

This sequence really highlights the knowledge of both players involved. Itabashi Zangief was quite sure his V-Trigger would be able to interrupt Rashid's cancel into his projectile.Bushinstyle was able to close this round out with a very ambiguous tornado set up.

HOR|Sako pulled off a pretty sick parry with Akuma.

Qan|Xiaohai simply does not care about Ibuki's V-Trigger.

After leaving himself at -2 on block, Xiaohai then makes a risky (but calculated, considering his life lead) EX Cannon Spike. His gamble pays off.

Here, we see GRPT|Haitani and BST|Daigo taking turns hitting one another with EX invincible reversals.

It looked like Daigo was in perfect control of this particular round, but Haitani just kept going for the dunks.

NuckleDu must've known exactly when Rashid's V-Trigger would end. He timed this EX Flash Kick perfectly.

The match between FOX|Justin Wong and Daigo was, as expected, quite intense. Just take a look at this scramble:

SPY|Filipino Champ's match against Wolfkrone ended up being pretty intense. You can tell based off the pop-off that occurred at the end.

Source: Capcom Fighters Twitch channel, Keith Ace's Twitter.

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