ANTi 0-to-deaths FOW, Ranai feints a tree kill then does it anyways, and Raito stage spikes with can - Smash 4 EVO day 2 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 15, 2017 at 8:27 p.m. PDT

Day two for Super Smash Bros. 4 at EVO 2017 has already come to a close. There were many exciting moments that need to be reviewed.

Similar to yesterday, we have highlights to give a taste of how exhilarating the tournament was. This is, of course, only a small portion of fun.

The first highlight is focused on a set between TSU and MSF|Larry Lurr. These are both very talented players.

Larry Lurr stuck with the character he is most known for -- Fox. Tsu, while normally known for his Lucario, went with his pocket Ryu this time.

Tsu most likely went with Ryu due to the perception of him having a more favorable match up than Lucario against Fox. Ryu players have given Larry a little trouble before in the past.

This particular sequence showcases Tsu charging Ryu's down smash to full or near-full power to intercept Fox's side special. While Ryu's down smash is usually more known for its safety and high damage rahter than its kill power, it was enough to send Fox flying out of bounds.

Click image for animated version

The next highlight showcases an impressive kill with a tree by 2GG|Ranai against E2C|Tyroy. He feinted growing the tree with his side tilt before actually watering it.

Tyroy displays just how scary Bayonetta's kill options are against Ranai even at a very low percent.

Ranai ended up being the victor of the set. He ended with a nice pop-off to celebrate winning this tough match up.

Here's a 0-to-death by IMM|ANTi against FOW. Very solid gameplay.

While making FOW afraid to go for the ledge with his limit break cross slash, ANTi was able to force a regrab. With this, landing the spike was simple enough.

Larry Lurr's classic firefox set up to catch air dodges.

When Ranai went up against TSM|ZeRo, he made usage of the Villager's very powerful set of edge guarding tools.

Normally Duck Hunt's recovery isn't too difficult to intercept. But a well placed can is capable of stage spiking.

This is exactly what happened with Raito against Ken.

A very nice tech from Larry Lurr. Both he and NRG|Nairo came close to dying here.

Finally, an intense match between ZeRo and Ken causes ZeRo to pop off after his victory. You can tell that even for a player of ZeRo's caliber, there was certainly a great deal of pressure.

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