Saint dominates, True! and Domatl score perfects, while Chaos Chikurin deals explosive damage with Akuma - Tekken 7 EVO pools highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 14, 2017 at 8:04 p.m. PDT

The EVO 2017 tournament has started today. There are a variety of games they have tournaments dedicated to them for this event.

One of those tournaments is for the recently released Tekken 7 game. There were a number of cool moments showcased on stream.

We got highlights that capture these moments. The matches for Tekken 7 may still be going on throughout the night, however.

Our first highlight focuses on the set between "True!" and Hassd EX. This round was a perfect for True.

Click image for animated version

Here is an extremely well-timed Rage Art from PAR|LDC, playing Feng.

Meanwhile, CK|Jerseyman55 uses his Rage Art as a whiff punisher.

It didn't quite work out this time though.

It was a real clobber-fest between Phine757 and BrawlPro.

Monchan had a very impressive showing with Katarina. His movement options were particualrly good.

He was often successful at sidestepping and low profiling his opponent's attacks.

Akuma's ability to corner carry and inflict massive damage is actually pretty insane in Tekken 7. Chaos Chikurin certainly demonstrated this.

You could tell that Jebailey was pretty satisfied with this victory.

A clean win from FOX|Saint despite the initial deficit in the final round.

Domatl had a very elegant way of securing a perfect with Xiaoyu.

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