Playing possum against Laura, a huge pop-off, and R. Mika corner destruction - EVO SF5 pools highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 14, 2017 at 8:05 p.m. PDT

We're now underway with one of biggest fighting game tournaments of the year -- EVO. Day one is not yet complete, but it will be progressing throughout the night.

While today was only about the pools matches, there were a few interesting moments that happened on stream. We managed to clip highlights of those sequences.

You can expect that we'll be doing this for all three days of the tournament too. The segments are sure to get increasingly intense as we near the end of the tournament.

Our first highlight showcases a match between Ralic and Elegy. Ralic was playing as Zangief while Elegy was Alex.

Elegy certainly had a decently good start against Ralic early on. He was the first to achieve a life lead in the set.

Unfortunately for him, as soon as Ralic was able to land a series of pile drivers on him. This kept going until he was dizzied then KOed.

Click image for animated version

Next up is a match between Method|Luffy vs. Seawice. Luffy ended up scoring a perfect thanks to a sequence of resets after pushing Seawice into the corner.

Even if you're not a Urien player, you're probably pretty familiar with how Urien's Aegis Reflector set ups work. Still, they somehow manage to be pretty cool to look at all the same.

Dogura's Urien combos and resets are certainly no exception.

Nash has certainly been a character you very rarely see this season. This apparently didn't stop Trick Daddy from making waves with the character.

Here's a sick cross up with R. Mika's V-Trigger by 200 Won.

GZL|Koichi ended up showing off an impressive trick with his Chun-Li shortly afterwards. With only a sliver of life remaining, this headstomp into air lightning legs ended up taking the first match against 200 Won.

This drop from Nillzo ended up costing his entire set against OG|RLBS.

GRPT|Fuudo's R. Mika is looked particularly dangerous during this mirror match.

You would swear that Cyber|Just Run won the whole tournament with the way he was popping off. It's actually pretty hilarious.

Machabo made all the right reads on UG|DJ Vest's dash attempts.

"Don't ever play possum against Laura!"

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