Hungrybox wins a match with rest in Smash 4, Falln won't let his opponent fall, while Kameme gets sent to losers - EVO Smash 4 and Melee highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 14, 2017 at 8:05 p.m. PDT

EVO 2017 is already proving itself to be a pretty interesting tournament for Smash fans. Super Smash Bros. 4 and Melee are both having pools matches streamed.

As you might expect, some fun moments occurred for both games. Many of these scenarios were captured on stream for our viewing pleasure.

This has resulted in highlights for both games. If you missed out on some of the action, you can get a good taste of it here.

First couple of highlights focuses on STDX|Falln. Ironically, he wouldn't let his opponent fall back down to the stage.

While playing as Rosalina and Luma, he was able to prevent the opponent's landing with a series of well-timed Uairs (up airs). Despite his opponent's attempts at contesting it, the lingering hitbox ended up being too difficult to get past.

By keeping the offense up, Falln was able to take the set while taking very little damage overall.

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Poor Yoshi. Shadee knew exactly how to exploit his recovery weakness by footstooling Yoshi's double jump.

This resulted in a very early kill that ended the first match of this set.

Kossismoss, despite mostly being know for his Mr. Game and Watch, went King Dedede for a mirror match against Cake. This particular event showcased why it's a bad idea to swallow Gordos.

With both players throwing out Gordos against one another, they do tend to collide with one another. It doesn't tend to be beneficial to be where they bounce towards.

Kossismoss ended up ending the set with a very smart spike.

NLG|Ryuga ended up showing some pretty stylish combos with Corrin.

This match started off being slow due due to platform camping against a Little Mac player. As soon as the Sheik player saw an opportunity, he definitely capitalized on it.

Unfortunately for the Sheik player, this set was ended by a K.O. punch.

TL|Hungrybox, the best Jigglypuff player of Melee, ended up trying his hand at Smash 4 with the puffball character. While he ended up losing the set against FOW, he did win one match with a rest.

Another well-known Melee player, VGBC|aMSa had a great set against a Ness player. The Ness player, while interrupted by Greninja's up special, had an amazing recovery attempt.

Surprisingly, DNG|Kameme ended up getting sent to losers pretty early on. This is the player that came in second at EVO last year.

Now for the Melee highlights. The first highlight showcases an impressive 0-to-death by CLG|PewPewU.

Then he used Marth's Dair several times as a tech chase option.

Here, we see KYOTO|Bizzaro Flame go for a pretty risky option off stage with his Ganondorf. It didn't pay off for him, but he had the stock lead so the risk was a calculated one.

Bizzaro Flame continued his dominant play in the next match, but not without showing off some moonwalk shenanigans.

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