Empty character page for Abigail surfaces on official Capcom site

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 8, 2017 at 8:23 a.m. PDT

The Shadaloo Combat Research Institute is the facade for Capcom's one stop Street Fighter 5 news shop that details game news, maintenance info, monthly CFN stats and character profiles.

That last one is particularly relevant for us today, as a reddit user by the name of Johasthan posted an interesting find on r/streetfighter just a few hours ago.

It seems as though Capcom is preparing a page for an upcoming character of whom we've heard virtually nothing about at the official level.

Said page is currently blank, but the URL contains the abbreviation "abg", and the browser tab reads "ABIGAIL|CHARACTER DATA."

We're no data miners, but we're slightly inclined to believe that this may be in reference to Final Fight's Abigail, a leader in the Mad Gear gang and the physically largest human character in the Final Fight/Street Fighter universe.

Here's an image of our evidence thus far:

Dear Abby image #1
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Rumors that Abigail will be the next DLC character for SF5 have been floating around for a few months now, so we can't say we're all that surprised at this.

Seeing as EVO is now less than a week away, it seems things are shaping up for a reveal announcement quite nicely. Here's some footage of ol' Abby from Final Fight:

Are you excited at the prospect of Abigail as the game's next character? Share with us your hopes and dreams in the comment section below.

Thank you to X-Kira for contributions to this story. Video source: 2010mont f.

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