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EVO 2017 attendance numbers are in, let's see how this year's entrants compare with the past five years

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 1, 2017 at 10:01 a.m. PDT • Comments: 174

There's been quite a bit of talk and speculation about the number of this year's EVO entrants.

With the world's largest fighting game tournament growing steadily with each iteration, and 2016's record-smashing 5.1k entrants for Street Fighter 5 alone, 2017 was not likely to continue the up trend.

Street Fighter 5's status as a brand new (it was five months old) game at the time of EVO 2017 seemed to bring the masses in in droves, and such a presence for one title surely helped with numbers for the others.

A turbulent first year for SF5 had much of the FGC speculating a massive drop in attendance.

Head tournament organizer for EVO, Mr. Wizard, released the final numbers for this year's big dance, and while they didn't quite stack up to 2016's event, it may be worth noting that SF5 still has more participants than Street Fighter 4 ever did.

Read on for the EVO attendance numbers from 2012-2017.

SRKRanking posted the following chart documenting the registrants for all EVO games over the last five years.

EVO numbers over the years image #1
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Outside of it's astronomical performance last year, Street Fighter 5's 2,622 competitors in 2017 is eclipsed only by Smash 4 in 2016 with its 2,656 participants.

What do you make of this year's EVO entrant statistics? Let us know your reactions in the comments section.

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