Huge update for Skullgirls 2nd Encore, check out the 'Lobby Patch' notes right here

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 23, 2017 at 5:15 p.m. PST | Comments: 35

There's a new patch for Skullgirls 2nd Encore out today in North America for PlayStation 4, Vita and Steam.

This "Lobby Patch" includes a plethora of updates, tweaks and changes for both general gameplay and individual characters, the biggest of these is the addition of the 8-player lobby.

This update is not yet available to users in Europe and Japan unless they are playing on the Steam version of the game. As for Xbox 360 users, the update is still a little ways off. You'll see the extensive list of changes below.

General Updates and Changes

Added 8-player Lobby functionality

Added new tutorials for Stunt Doubles, PBGC, and Double Snaps! (Thanks, render!)

New intro animations added for Big Band, Peacock, Parasoul, Painwheel, Eliza, Valentine, Filia, and Cerebella. You can choose your intro pose by holding a button when the round starts. This is thanks to the upcoming Skullgirls mobile version!

Title screen updated to “2nd Encore+”. This is to help owners know that they have the latest and final version of the game. (Thanks, Brady!)

All character tutorials have been updated to reflect any new mechanics.

Added the ability to save four more Entourages (saved teams), for a total of six! Now you can save and load teams with Up, Down, or Neutral on either Macro 1 or Macro 2. (Thanks, cuteZ!)

You can now load an Entourage for the CPU team in CPU Quick Match.

Updated the dead zones for the analog sticks on PS4 to be a teeny bit larger.

Increased the size of the dead zones for Up and Down on the Vita analog nubs.

Online matches now properly reflect each player’s voice choices, so you can have English vs Japanese of the same character, or voice pack on one side vs EN/JP on the other, or whatever. (* Japanese voices are currently only available on the Japanese PS4/PS Vita versions, but will be released in North America and Europe for PS4/PS Vita/Steam soon.)

Because of the change for English vs Japanese voices online, the online opponent character voice enable/disable option now defaults to Yes. (* Japanese voices are currently only available on the Japanese PS4/PS Vita versions, but will be released in North America and Europe for PS4/PS Vita/Steam soon.)

If playing another match on the same stage without going to character/stage select, the music will play continuously without restarting. (Thanks, Bang Camaro!)

Made various changes to Training Mode:

Hitstun bar now displays up to 100f of hitstun using multiple bars, instead of just up to 20f.

Added “Superjump” as a possible training mode dummy action.

Added “Parry (Big Band)” options, and marked the state after a successful parry as able to play training dummy “As Reversal” recordings.

Attack Data now shows the last hit’s damage scaling, and the last combo’s accumulated Drama value.

Attack data box size increased by 10%, and increased by 33% on Vita.

“Counterhit” option now supports: Never, First Hit Only, Always, After First Hit, and Random. (Thanks, SonicFox!)

Added parry timer and cooldown display to Big Band’s Training Mode Advanced display. (Thanks, goldriver38!)

Added display of armor, projectile armor, Hatred Guard, and Hyper Armor to the Training Mode Advanced frame data display at the top. Armor is grey, projectile armor has a hole in it, Hatred Guard has a purple center, and Hyper Armor has a yellow center.

Changed the color of Filia 300% in Fukua’s story mode, to signify she’s harder.

Improved Class Notes a bit. (Thanks, Willy!)

Updated the look of the timer and the Drama/undizzy bar when it’s full, so that people can tell which version of the game they’re looking at! (Thanks, Brady!)

(P1)/(P2) offscreen character position markers appear earlier, without requiring the character to be as far below the screen as they did before. Sekhmet now counts as half Eliza’s height, so Sekhmet’s marker shows up at the proper time too!

On all platforms except the PS Vita, made the “Leader / ## Wins” text smaller, and moved it down further, to try to give space above it for stream overlays. (Thanks, Broken Loose!)

(Steam version only) Replays on PC properly preserve EN and JP voices! (* The Replays feature requires the launch option “-enablereplays”)

(Steam version only) Replays now save and display online player names! (* The Replays feature requires the launch option “-enablereplays”)

(Steam version only) Moved the replay data folder to MyDocuments/Skullgirls[_Beta]/Replays_SG2EPlus/ so the new format doesn’t interfere with original Skullgirls 2nd Encore replays, since the original Skullgirls 2nd Encore retail build will be archived and it’d be nice not to have those replays break. (* The Replays feature requires the launch option “-enablereplays”)

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the random number sequence was not being updated between online games in Ranked or in 2-player lobbies with no spectators. (Thanks, AdenPhoenix!)

Fixed a number of Vita-specific issues:

Right-hand speaker volume being too low

Skullgirls theme music not playing during a double snap

Fixed some tutorial bugs, including all bugs where Beowulf’s Canis Major Press wouldn’t land. (Thanks to everyone who reported them!)

Fixed an issue where character names underneath in-game portraits were off-center

Fixed various bugs related to Story Mode:

Final Parasoul Story Mode movie playback not working properly

Cerebella reading the same line twice during Eliza’s Story Mode (Japanese only)

Story Mode-related Trophies not registering, despite meeting conditions

Increased online username text size (Vita only)

Brain Drain’s portrait overlapping in Big Band’s Story Mode (Vita only)

Fixed various bugs in Training Mode:

Fixed implementation of Drama setting so that 5 Drama is not mistakenly added as soon as the opponent is hit. (Thanks, Worldjem!)

If Health is not set to Normal or Infinite, assists do not reset their health during double snaps or any other time the point character is in hitstun, even if the assist recovers from hitstun.

Training dummy will now properly ground-tech after Beowulf’s grab finishers when they are done after he’s already used an OTG, and in other situations where it failed to properly tech. It still won’t tech if that input would trigger a burst.

Block Type “Random” will now correctly block all hits high and low after being touched the first time, rather than randomly choosing per hit. (Thanks, Pickles!)

Fixed a bug where a dead snapped-out character would come in after the round was over if you killed the assist off that doublesnap. (Thanks, ShadeMoneh!)

Projectile assists now always correctly add undizzy at Combo Stage 3+, just like physical-hit assists do. Previously, projectile assists could only add undizzy after that character was DHC’d out, whereas physical-hit assists would always add it.

Fukua’s held Clones draining her life or Big Band taking damage from parrying no longer costs that team their Perfect. An opponent hitting Ms. Fortune’s head still does.

Fixed a bug where you could be put in hitstop without being put in blockstun if you landed on the same frame you air-blocked an attack.

Fixed bugs in Cerebella’s and Double’s air knockup animations that made it more difficult to hit just those two characters with certain moves while they were falling.

A Solo snapping out an assist, while the point character blocks the snapback, now correctly awards the health regen for snapping out an assist. (Thanks, Magma442!)

Fixed more strange interactions with Parasoul’s tears and other attacks like Gigantic Arm.

Fixed universal bug where being hit the frame after any armor ended would not put the character into hitstun OR do damage! (Thanks, amabane!)

Fixed getting backward inputs as a reversal after ground techs occasionally! Now, if you do the move the way your character will be facing, it will correctly come out.

Shortcut snapbacks, executed as D,DF+buttons, now properly count as part of your chain rather than always being burstable even if chained into. (Thanks, Yomabuddy!)

Shuffled around lobby names so that if the bug where all lobbies appear as the first name happens, now it’ll be “Unnamed Lobby” instead of “Casual Matches – Beginner”. (Thanks, Liam!)

With online opponent voices off, the character select screen no longer shows when online opponents have picked a voicepack. It used to, even though the in-game voice would be normal. (Thanks, Rabbleflaggers!)

The unending black screen after lobby countdown now returns you to the lobby in 9 seconds if no connection is established. (Increased from 5 sec to possibly help long distance connections.)

In lobbies you can no longer Set Ready/Not Ready after the 7 second mark. This is to curtail the issue of broken lobbies when someone chooses Set Ready right at 05.

Challenge menu now uses the same button assignments as the rest of the game.

Fixed problems with seeing characters on character select in Quick Match rematches. The first game is still blind pick, everything after that should be normally viewable.

P1/P2 offscreen indicator now doesn’t wrongly display for the invisible point character during double-snaps.

Fixed floating trees on Nightmare Crest. (Thanks, Willy!)

(Steam version only) Fixed an issue with replays where usernames using a number in them wouldn’t show up properly. (* The Replays feature requires the launch option “-enablereplays”)

(Steam version only) Replays record the correct character order if you switch it before the start of a game (by holding assist inputs during loading/Play Again, in an offline match). (* The Replays feature requires the launch option “-enablereplays”)

(Steam version only) Fixed weird bugs on startup with 2+ controllers plugged in. (* The Replays feature requires the launch option “-enablereplays”)

Gameplay Changes

Over-max-undizzy burstable hits (green hitsparks) now are scaled by an extra 50%, and this can go below the minimum scaling. Attempting to fix the “do a long combo ending with one final large hit that would be burstable, except it kills them” thing. Now maybe it won’t kill them. This does not apply to Infinite Prevention System burstable hits (red hitsparks), which still do normal damage because you’ve not yet reached the maximum damage for the combo. (Green-vs-red distinction thanks to Fowz!)

Color #10 is now unlocked for every character the player owns, both in savedata and in data permissions without needing to input a code. (People being able to use the color they want is the most important thing!

High-low unblockable protection improvement, final version:
Any blocked high or low hit sets up the protection for 7f including hitstop. The protection is not extended by being touched by other mid hits, but the time is restarted from any new high or low hit. Sequences that are within 7f and ONLY involve hits from the point character still must be blocked properly. tl;dr Sequences of hits from different sprites that are within 7f of each other are protected from being high/low mixups no matter what hit types are involved, but if they are farther apart than that they must be blocked properly. Fixes certain types of delayed setups that are humanly unblockable (Peacock okizeme meaty slide + L George + Lv3 item drop, for example).

Game speed has been slightly increased. Previous frameskip: 6. New frameskip: 5.

Getting crumpled in the corner no longer pulls certain characters out of the corner.

Bursting from a snapback hit is always a gold burst (always safe) even if it wouldn’t have been otherwise.

F, F, then jumping on the very next frame (or B,B~jump) will no longer give a dashjump followed by an unintended airdash. UF, F / UF+PP and all the other things that are actually inputting an airdash will still give you one. (Thanks, CaioLugon!)

Any snapback during which bursts are allowed can now be bursted for the first few frames after the hit, before the character leaves the stage.

Allowed everyone to negative-edge snapbacks! (Thanks, ShadowFury333!)

Hitting an assist with the point character dead now grants 100% of the on-hit meter to the victim, and no meter to the attacker. (Thanks, Liam!)

Added back-of-the-head vulnerable boxes to crouching Cerebella, Filia/Fukua, Valentine, and Fortune in hitstun/blockstun/idle, and increased their height when necessary so that test-case moves all hit in the corner.

Assists that are reset outside doublesnaps with the point alive, if below 75% damage scaling, only go up to 75% scaling, instead of 100%. Unbirthdays are still useful but no longer quite as easy kills.

Make buttons also count for shaking out of Staggers, in addition to shaking the joystick! (Thanks, Liam!)

Make BB and Eliza’s staggers the same length as everyone else’s! (Thanks, mcpeanuts for the reminder!)

Counterhitting with a hit that is not supposed to kill (first part of Fenrir Drive, Beowulf’s 3-Wolf Moonsault uppercuts, etc) will now indeed not kill, even with the increased counterhit damage. (Thanks, Liam!)

Increased the height of Parasoul, Fortune, Robo-Fortune, Squigly, Peacock, Filia/Fukua, and other applicable characters’ on-the-ground hitboxes so that things which OTG most characters will also OTG those characters (Cerebella c.MP, etc) reliably, even when they are OTG’d while flat on the floor before bouncing up.


Adjusted the knockback on the last hit of j.HP vs air to launch the opponent lower, with some additional downward Y-boost if Double is falling. Makes confirms vs air into ground strings easier, somewhat balancing out the nerfed vulnerable boxes, and makes crossing under afterward much harder.

j.HP, c.LK, c.MP, and Hornet Bomber are no longer disjoint hitboxes. They still have non-vulnerable tips, and the hitboxes are not changed, but they can be out-poked more often now. j.LK has been left moderately disjoint, and the tip of c.LK still has no vulnerable area.

All Luger shots scale to 75%, because of the amazing utility they have at neutral and the fact they are a single hit.

Reduce blockstun from j.HK first hit, to prevent [j.HK]xN blockstring.

Improve ability to armor cancel and pushblock between hits of j.HP.

Increase blockstun of Fridge by exactly 1f. (related to Beast of Gehenna changes below)

Megalith Array (Lv5):

If the timer expires she just goes back to normal without exploding. Lenny detonation can still be done any time with QCB+PP or QCB+KK.

Chip damage on projectiles reduced by 50.

All projectiles disappear when the mode ends, not just bombs. It is now possible to punish a Megalith Array without having slow walking bombs or rings ruin your punish, but you have to contend with her being able to detonate instead.

Reduce damage so that it is more in line with other Lv5s at 1.0 damage, rather than able to kill in a 3v2 scenario. (Sage/Fox/Liam/etc, basically everyone)

Marked it as counterhit! No more teching throws from it. (Thanks, Liam for the reminder!)

Add a 4f buffer period on punch buttons ring-spit inputs, because kick buttons had one. Easier to catch the initial hit now.

Standardize invincibility time, it is always 20f regardless of what she does or where the super is activated.

Beast of Gehenna:

Reduced the post-superflash DHC window on Beast of Gehenna from flash+13f to flash+6f to allow more consistent punishes.

The puddle now won’t attempt grab enemies that are being thrown, so it won’t ruin Valentine’s Lv3 when DHC’d into up close.

The puddle won’t expire during the last part of Cerebella’s Ultimate Showstopper or the last part of Valentine’s Lv3, to not ruin DHCs that worked previously.

Increase recovery time of Beast of Gehenna summon animation by 5f.

The activation of it will not grab if Double is hit/thrown before it makes contact.

Increase the startup of the activation by 1f.

Puddle time before disappearance 9 sec->8 sec.

Puddle counts down to disappear 1.5x fast when Double is not the point character. (Lasts for 2/3 the time it lasts while she is on point.)

Bite damage 1750->1500.

Double-specific bug fixes:

Double’s Lv5 detonation no longer costs her a Perfect.

c.MP is now unable to cross up enemies that are not already in hitstun, just like Fukua’s j.HK, because there was a frame-perfect unblockable using it that way.

c.HP always has the same amount of blockstop vs air opponents, rather than randomly subtracting anywhere from 1-5f.

She now moves forward on frame 3 of c.LK instead of frame 4, because the art expected her to move forward on frame 3.

Remove the ability for her airthrow to hit assists.

Fix j.LK to allow armor cancels and pushblocks more consistently. (Thanks, dragonos451!)

You can now trigger the explosion from her Lv5 during the intermission between Downs, rather than sitting around vulnerable at the start of the next round.


j.HK +2f opponent blockstop; j.HP +1f opponent blockstop.

Any of her own life drained by holding Clones now goes into a reserve, and Fukua is able to heal portions of that self-inflicted damage in three ways: Taunting recovers 20% of the total shadow-hold drained life; hitting with Inevitable Snuggle recovers 33%; and hitting with Twice Shy recovers 55% but the recovery is damage-scaled by the current combo’s damage scaling. Recovering any of the drained life zeroes out the amount of reserve life (e.g. you can’t taunt twice in a row to get back 20%x2). Healing by any OTHER method, such as being tagged out or landing a snapback as the point character, removes 2 points of reserve life for every 1 point of other healing. Healing in those 3 ways can heal her above her current red life, if she has taken a significant amount of self-inflicted damage by holding shadows. She cannot heal more than 55% of her self-inflicted damage by any means.

Added a 4f buffer window for normal attacks after j.HK, on hit only, to help with some of her more difficult combo routes.

s.MK forward movement is now 95% of what it originally was (up from 75%). This should restore her useful conversions.

Reduced the size of the vulnerable boxes on the extra extended-out startup frame of j.HK somewhat.

Forward-moving air fireballs now do not slow down below regular forward-jump velocity. You can still cross up with an L air fireball but it’s much more obvious when you will do so, and slightly harder to do weird ambiguous things with it or convert off poorly-spaced L air fireballs.

j.HK vulnerable boxes extend to the full length 1f sooner than before. Visual timing adjusted so she’s visually got something in the area you can hit for 2 frames before you can hit it.

j.HK, j.HK->HP, and s.HK all have less blockstop on the opponent, and additional blockstun to compensate. Total time before the opponent recovers (blockstop+blockstun) is unchanged, but actions such as pushblock and land-canceling can happen earlier after Fukua makes contact. (j.HK -4f blockstop, j.HK->HP -2f, s.HK -4f.)

Blown Kiss chip damage 920->820.

c.MP now has a vulnerable box on the bottom half of Fukua’s head on frame 5, to prevent a poorly timed too-early c.MP from beating, rather than trading with, multiple standing ranged pokes, while still leaving it as good an antiair as possible. Late c.MP still dodges and punishes everything it did before, including those pokes, because the startup frame vulnerable areas are still the same.

If she throws a fireball that doesn’t hit anything, she now gets a teensy little bit of meter when it returns, as opposed to getting none. (Thanks, MegamanDS #top300Fukua!)

Ground Drill of my Dreams damage 3281 -> 3012. Updated air Drill with the same damage values.

Reduced the range of her Lv3 a bit.

Lv3 damage 5100->4900.

Command grabs quality of life improvements:

Added some more audio oomph.

Added a small pause on the last slam for even more oomph.

Added a 10f buffer for supercancels on the last slam, to make it harder to miss your cancel.

Forever a Clone:

Because they can be held and can hit high or low, hitting with any Clone now scales followup damage, but they scale damage less based on what number Clone they were, when summoned in a combo. First Clone is now 25% scaling (scaled to 75%), second is 35%, and third is the same as before, 45%. If she continues to hold the Clone, it retains that damage scaling, so doing a combo with two Clones and summoning a third, then resetting into the held Clone, will still scale to 55% as before. But starting a combo into M Clone now scales to 75% instead of 55%, so her non-Clone-reset combo damage is increased.

Life drain for holding the 1st and 2nd Clones in a combo reduced even further.

Life drain while holding a Clone reduced, but increases the more Clones you’ve used in the current combo. Much less for simply holding one in neutral now, but doing a high/low reset with a Clone, into M Clone into setting up another gets the very high drain rate.

Life drain for holding Clones adjusted to be more of a factor: Maximum drain amount doubled, full drain is about 9.5% of a lifebar; the drain now has exponential falloff, meaning it drains much more life at the beginning and much less near the end; it also removes some red life, but at a lower rate than being hit does. If you’re gonna set up some mixup, better make it worth the life lost!

Add 7f(!) dash buffer period after Forever A Clone, to help with combos off held clone summons.

To help with followup timing, Fukua now stays the Clone color until she’s within 3f of recovering from the Clone summon. It makes a fairly large difference.

M Clone now allows a different Clone to be summoned as soon as it successfully grabs, rather than locking all summons until after it entirely disappears.

Clones are (again, correctly) not hittable as assists.

Clones do not disappear if they are hit by a burst, because the burst also doesn’t count as “having hit” if it touched a Clone.

L Clone breaks assist armor, but not point.

M Clone bounce height returned to normal; after-slam disappearance sped up to let her summon other shadows earlier.

Held Clones are now pulled by the screen edges like Fortune’s head.

M Clone is now a hitgrab (not a throw; blockable, can combo into it) single slam version of Fukua’s command throw. It combos after s.HK, and because it is a hitgrab it breaks armor.

No longer occasionally makes the opponent vanish forever!

No longer goes fullscreen sometimes; still moves faster (but doesn’t go much farther) if the opponent is in hitstun, if the Clone was not held and if Fukua is not an assist.

Now bounces them higher.

Never slams the opponent forward, only behind the clone. Still can juggle easily if the clone was behind the opponent.

L Clone no longer breaks armor because of the above.

Held Clones automatically attack when they time out, rather than disappearing.

Clones can’t be hit by physical attacks when used as assists, rather than on point.

You can switch between holding different Kick buttons and still hold the Clone. For example, holding an M Clone -> hold HK -> release MK = still holding Clone until ALL Kick buttons are released.

Damage 750->600

Allow her to delay the Clone for a maximum of 5 seconds (300f) by continuing to hold down any kick button. Still may only have one out at a time. Overhead and low properties unchanged. Because this separates Fukua’s two souls (or something lore lore lore), holding a Clone drains Fukua’s life (total 9.5% if held for the entire 5 seconds), but will not kill her.

Improve Clone coloring so they are more visible.

Clones now disappear if Fukua is hit, thrown, or blocks an attack.

Clones can now be erased by physical attacks, but not by projectiles, the same as Parasoul’s Egret Charge.

Put properly-sized vulnerable boxes on Clones.

Clones now make a sound while they are out to indicate their position, like her fireball.

Best Friends Forever:

2nd hit scales any followups by 50% if not DHC’d into and 33% if DHC’d into. Up from the “scales to minimum at all times” previous experiment.

The super is now blockable post-flash if you were not attacking/dashing/etc at the super flash, just like Arm or SBO.

Blown Kiss is now ~8f more negative when pushblocked by ~8f. Still +/-0 on regular block.

Reduce damage by ~100 on many moves, 200 on shadows and c.HP, and 300 on command grabs, to lower combo damage slightly.

Reduce hitstun from assist H Drill by 5f.

Reduce blockstun of Heartseeker, j.RH->j.Fierce +20 on block -> +9 on block. Hitstun unchanged. (Sonic/Sage combined basis)

Fukua-specific bug fixes:

M Clone now always counts the enemy’s position as “in front of the clone’s position”, like Egret Charge does, to prevent some situations during the throw where Fukua would briefly turn around and get a drill instead of another Clone summon. (Thanks, Fosh!)

Fixed a massive bug in her fireball that led to it producing hitstun of 60+ frames on certain trades. (Thanks, Sonicfox and Cloudking)

Improved M Clone picking up after s.HK from far distances. There are still some distances where it doesn’t work, but it works much more often than before.

Armor on Inevitable Snuggle extended through the first active frame, as opposed to stopping the frame before that. Fixed situations where she can be hit on the frame she would have grabbed and not armor it. (Thanks, MegamanDS)

Extend the farther hitboxes on her snapback downward, to allow OTGs from farther out.

Aesthetically improved the ending of air Drill of my Dreams slightly on whiff.

M Clone correctly sets the combo stage to 3 in all cases, including after an airthrow.

Redrew the hitboxes on the active frame of s.LK so that it more reliably hits standing Painwheel and Ms. Fortune.

Fixed the M Forever A Clone section of her tutorial.

Remove extra post-superflash delay when Fukua’s Lv5 is done after a PBGC.

Added opponent “ouch” VO on command throws and M Clone throw.

Fukua’s held Clones now are always drawn in front of assist characters.

Fix a bug with j.HK landing on the same frame it made contact. Maximum advantage on hit is now correctly +27, on block +14. (thanks SonicFox)

Adjust hitbox shape on c.HP so that c.MP->c.HP hits Squigly from point-blank range midstage.

Fixed the end of air Drill of My Dreams not having DHC-out transitions. No more “Merry Christmas”. (Thanks, Fosh for finding it, and Liam for the reminder!)

j.HK can no longer hit backward as a crossup. (Thanks, dekillsage and SonicFox!)

Extend the hitboxes on their snapback downward to the floor so it doesn’t miss herself during floorbounce frames. (Also fixed for Filia)

Lv5’s 2nd hit doesn’t fail when used after an OTG has already been used, no longer counts as using up her OTG, and doesn’t knock the opponent back as far for easier followups.


Added a 5f buffer window for all L attacks after s.MP and s.MK, so that her links after those attacks are not 1-2f.

s.HP startup 19f->17f, hitstun +3f to ensure there are no dead frames when comboing to new Headrone Impact on standing.

Various frame data adjustments:

Headrone Impact block advantage +29 -> +17.

c.HP block advantage -11 -> -12.

c.WK block advantage +3 -> +1.

s.WK block advantage +0 -> +2.

s.LP-LP block advantage +3 +3 -> +2 +0.

c.LP and c.LP-LP block advantage +3 -> +0.

s.MK -1f startup, +3f recovery.

s.MP +1f startup; unheld s.MP block advantage now +2; s.MP hold block advantage +0.

s.HP last hit also pulls in, even on block; add 7f recovery so that it is not +6 on hit and right next to the opponent. Damage redistributed, now 1003 instead of 1089, and ~50 less damage than before when fully scaled.

Dash velocity 24px/frame -> 23px/frame; during Lv3, 28px->27px.

After a doublejump-cancel from an air attack, all jumping attacks until landing are not overhead. Regular doublejumps without cancelling from an attack works as normal.

Damage reduced by 75 on many normals.

Added a small buffer window for double-jumps after air beams. Landing still takes priority.

c.MK only pulls the opponent toward Robo if they are far away. Should prevent rare cases of Robo crossing underneath and whiffing with the followup c.HP vs really close opponents.

s.HP pulls in on hit (and ground block), and reduced the knockback on the final hit, to make it easier to connect H Danger afterward from any distance.

Remove vulnerable box on c.WP’s ears during the active frames to make it a better antiair.

c.MK knocks opponent slightly toward Robo on hit , now combos into c.HP from max range on everyone, instead of having the c.HP whiff. (Thanks, Stuff!)

Increase the visual “tell” on s.HK by retiming the beginning. Frame data unchanged, but it now reaches unique frames sooner. (Thanks, Liam!)

Properly arrange IPS display pips in Training Mode, and remove unused ones!

Decrease damage on all normals to lower her combo damage a decent amount. Her zoning is getting a huge boost, reducing her actually-pretty-high damage to low-average is basically required.

Increase the size of the vulnerable boxes, and slightly decrease the size of the hitbox, on j.HK to make it easier to contest. (Thanks, Liam!)


Magnet minimum damage is now 1000, down from 1237.

Now puts opponents all the way in the corner, instead of allowing corner crossups afterward.

Causes untechable knockdown. Does not leave the opponent grounded long enough to cross up, only long enough to retreat.

Is now strike invincible before the superflash, rather than throw invincible. Still fully invincible after the flash until the first active frame. This gives her a safe DHC out.


L and M beam meter gain decreased.

Opponent’s meter gain for being touched by all beams increased; it is now roughly half of what Robo gets, both on hit and on block.

L and M beam damage 650 and chip damage to 375.

Beams do not receive any counterhit damage bonus. They still subtract undizzy on counterhit, but there’s no extra damage.

Make L/M beams reach fullscreen on the first active frame, instead of half that, so they instantly hit everything in the way.

Decrease recovery on L/M ground beams by 5f.

Decrease recovery on H ground beam by 7f.

Increased hitstun/blockstun/knockback on j.L beam a bit.

Beam impacts now correctly show IPS sparks.

Double-jumping grants another air Beam use if one was already used. (Thanks, MegamanDS!)

Headrone RAM:

Improve vertical tracking speed a bit.

Chip damage 150 -> 300.

Headrone Impact:

Explosion always scales damage to 50%, but Robo can now combo after the explosion even if the mine traded with the opponent.

Decrease time between a head detecting the opponent and it finally exploding to 1f from 6f.

Heads that make contact during the airborne dive portion will always explode on landing instead of waiting (or disappearing if Robo is in hitstun).

Increase hitstun on air portion by 5f to help ensure it always combos into the detonation.

Headrone Salvo:

Only the first Salvo assist c.HK (with no heads summoned) counts as “using your assist”. This way if you call her in the middle of a combo it will lock your assist, but if you start a combo after she’s summoned the first head then you can call another assist.

The three heads summoned by this assist now do not hit on the way up after being summoned.

Calling this assist to summon the three heads now counts as “using your assist during this combo” even though it does not hit, just like Center Stage.

When done as the point character, Lv2 Salvo +10f recovery and Lv3 +20f.

Salvo assist now summons up to 3 heads per call when she doesn’t already have 3 heads, with one head rotation between summons. A second call is still required to fire them.

Duration of Robo’s animation during Salvo assist extended. Now she is still on the screen when the missiles hit, so that you can’t call her before they hit and start summoning more heads during the missile rain.

Missiles knock airborne opponents downward rather than upward.

Number of missiles increased: 1 head = 3->4, 2 heads = 6->8, 3 heads = 9->12, 3 heads + taunt = 21.

Increase hitstun 22f->32f, blockstun unchanged.

Head stuff:

All versions of QCB+K activate heads earlier in the animation, at 6f instead of 14f.

Heads respond to activation call 10f faster, and begin their action 3f faster after responding.

Reduced the recovery of all versions by 3f.

Reduce recovery of c.HK by 2f.

L Danger:

Invincible from the knees up, rather than the waist up, through the active frames.

Hitbox slightly bigger.

Startup 11f->10f.

Pulls opponent in on hit so all hits connect from any distance.

Knocks away higher and farther to aid zoning if she chooses not to supercancel.

Recovery increased, now -20 on block.

Reduced opponent meter build on hit for all versions of Catastrophe Cannon.


L and M beams during Lv3 knock up higher, knock back further, and are supercancellable throughout the entire animation for ease of picking up with Magnet.

Explosion hitstop per hit 8f->12f, and added a 10f buffer to input attacks when Robo lands, so that explode -> Cannon is possible on every character.

After activation, Robo has up to 12f of invincibility if she doesn’t do anything, a-la Tanden Renki.

When Robo is not the point character, explosion timer is always set to 40% remaining. Setting it to “a while left” prevents snapping her in for a free kill.

Alpha counter explosion gives 7f more time before Robo explodes. It is now 2f slower than as Alpha counter -> SSJ, which is the fastest thing that can be done after an alpha counter.

Tagging in Robo also makes the detmode timer set to explode immediately, just like alpha countering her in.

Fixed various audio bugs when Robo was not the point character.

During Lv3, L/M beams cause untechable sliding knockdown, similar to Fukua’s airthrow.

Explosion does not push airblocking oppoents backward and release them from it.

Explosion now keeps the opponent in hitstop so they cannot PBGC during it. Using the bug for good, for once!

Exploding does not clear Robo Fortune’s undizzy or reset damage scaling until she fully completes the recovery (i.e. the recovery counts as still-in-hitstun); the opponent does get a CH which subtracts some undizzy, but they do not get a full new HCH combo with reset IPS.

Landing recovery increased after explosion.

Alpha-countering her in will instantly explode on landing, because that’s a minimum cost of 4 bars.

Timer counts down 5x as fast during a successful Magnetic Trap, meaning she should always explode after it slams.

Add flames (visual effect) when she is close to detonating to distinguish from flashing without sound. (Thanks, Liam!)

Robo-Fortune bug fixes:

Robo’s Lv3 explosion’s self-inflicted damage no longer costs her a perfect.

Reduced the DHC window on Lv3 by one frame to prevent a bug where she could DHC and end up doing a reversal special move instead of leaving.

Headrone Impact is no longer triggered by Parasoul’s tossed tears. Still set off by an opponent’s M Tear Shot. (Thanks, zeknife!)

Beams don’t erroneously produce IPS sparks on assists.

The Lv1 and Lv3 Catastrophe Cannons no longer pull an opposing Lenny toward Robo. (Thanks, PME!)

Moved the back edge of the hitboxes for all levels of Catastrophe Cannon forward by 50 pixels, so it is easier to hit Robo from behind without being hit.

All levels of Catastrophe Cannon now drag high up opponents downward on hit, which should lessen the occurrence of odd situations where someone bounces above it and is only hit very few times.

Ground pushblocking again H beam doesn’t move the opponent forward.

Fixed a bug with Mine not knocking down vs air or on trade. Now always knocks down.

Last hit of H Danger +4f hitstop on heavy and medium-weight assists, to allow OTGless Cannon afterward against all assists. (Thanks, Liam!)

c.LK->s.MK is now a blockstring. Block advantage of c.LK unchanged.

DHCs to Lv1 or Lv3 Cannon are always blockable after the superflash unless you are attacking, no matter how quickly the DHC is done. Lv5 can still be made unblockable with a perfect DHC from certain supers.

Fixed a frame-perfect unblockable when DHCing into Magnetic Trap vs an opponent that would be pulled upward directly after the superflash, on their last frame of blockstun. (Thanks, Pickles!)

Headrone RAM now chooses which way to fly on the first frame of the takeoff animation. (Thanks, Customer Service Heropon!)

Double jump point falling through the floor shouldn’t count as “landing” to set off IPS.

Allow her to negative-edge all specials including Danger.

Remove the shadow from Robo-Fortune’s electricity on her burst. (Thanks, Liam!)

Fix Robo-Fortune’s Lv5 using the wrong (Lv3) voice clip and background color when DHC’d into.

Magnet super: Pause timer/prevent time-out while opponent is grabbed.

L/M/H beams are now all the same IPS category. Air and ground are different categories.


Added a 4f reversal window for dashes/normals/specials after M and H chair tosses, to help him take better advantage of H toss being +1 on block, since he’s getting rid of the chair for it.

Regular Canis Major Press now puts opponents just slightly closer so that Squigly can be hit with c.LK. (Thanks, AlcoholicRobot!)

Wulf Shoot is now throw invincible from the first frame, instead of just during the movement, however, it will not beat Daisy Pusher if done after the superflash.

During Wulfamania, he can do multiple EX Wulf Press Slams and EX Diving Wulfdogs, as long as any hype is left.

Improved the timing for Beowulf’s animation after regular Canis Major Press so he gets up with timing visually similar to the opponent’s.

M chair toss improvements: Falling hit no longer knocks down airborne opponents, to improve comboability from a successful mixup. Hitstun vs air is 20f. Falling hit scales damage to 85% due to mixups now being much easier to continue from vs jump-out attempts.

Added a 7f buffer window after Canis Major Press for all normals, specials, supers, dash, backdash, and throw.

Regular and EX Chair Dance now build Beowulf a pretty good amount of meter, even when fully scaled.

j.D+HK now jumps forward off the chair, giving him a strange new air mobility option. It is an overhead, but cannot be done from a ground dash.

Referee pin: Pin will happen on the last remaining character, from any EX Canis Major Press where [current hype level + hype spent in the combo >= 3 levels] and [the opponent’s life is below 1550 * Beowulf’s damage multiplier]. So if you start off with 3 levels and spend them all, you can still do the pin. (Thanks, Daxam!)

The last Headbutt doesn’t knock the opponent away as far, to make followups slightly easier.

Added a little somethin’ somethin’ if a ground Grendel Killa is used as the 3rd hype-spending move in a combo (or a regular ground Killa is used after all hype has been spent in a combo).

When chairless, he only takes the 50 extra chip damage from blocking physical attacks now, not from blocking projectiles.

s.LK recovery -3, now is +/-0 on hit and -1 on block instead of -3 on hit and -4 on block.

The automatic “time’s up” ending for grounded grabs during supers is now Grendel Killa instead of Wulf Press Slam.

Cerebella can’t reflect the Hurting Hurl when Beowulf is the point character, because he only gets one chance to toss it before he has to get it back. Assist Hurl is still reflectable.

Hype building improvements:

Landing on the chair with a normal Killa/Wulfdog/Press gives 1 level of hype, even during supers, as long as you have not spent any hype previously during the combo.

Taunt grants all 3 levels.

s.LP hold grants one level in 45f instead of 95f.

All non-EX grab finishers grant 1 level of hype if he is below 1 level, even if he does not land on the chair.

The goal is to make Hype is much more central to his gameplan, so now, Beowulf can spend Hype on lots of things! Use PP or KK to spend Hype:

Regular Canis Major Press causes hard knockdown again, but the opponent is left much farther away and Beowulf is +3, so it’s a guess situation instead of giving okizeme. EX version is now equalized to be +34 on everyone, as well.

Regular Canis Major Press now does 1000 damage instead of 1250 for the EX version.

Canis Major Press always gives the higher advantage version if done during a super, even if you don’t EX it. Not EXing it still does the lower damage.

EX Canis Major Press picks up the chair if you slam them on it, because Beo is generally not continuing combos off it.

You can now spend 2 levels of hype to pick up after Three Wulf Moonsault, with D+PP! Since hype can be used during it, Moonsault now shows hype level during the superflash like Airwulf and Wulfamania.

EX grab finishers remove a portion of red life, like regular hits.

Landing a finisher on the chair only builds 1 level of hype.

Landing a finisher on the chair after doing any EX finisher in the same combo will not build any hype, but you still get the damage bonus.

Doing the normal version of a finisher anytime after the EX version in the same combo will do 50% of the damage. Doing a different finisher is not affected.

You cannot build more hype by landing on the chair after you have used an EX finisher during the current combo.

All grab enders, not including middle headbutts/knees, apply one hit of damage scaling. (This is applied BEFORE the damage scaling is capped at 55%, so doing it at above 55% results in 55%, not something lower.)

Double-hit headbutt total damage 650->550.

Killa, Wulfdog, and Wulf Press Slam damage reduced by 200-300.

EX Killa damage reduced to 1700, which is only weaker than EX chair dance.

The pyrotechnics during EX grab finishers now indicate how many levels Beowulf has left (so 2-1-none) but the flashes on Beowulf himself still indicate the levels he had when he did the EX (so 3-2-1).

He can now cancel chairless armored normals (c.HP or c.HK) into chair pickup for 1 level of Hype.

EX Da Grendel Killa floor bounces and allows combos afterward.

EX Diving Wulfdog regrabs the opponent.

EX Wulf Press Slam regrabs the opponent.

EX Canis Major Press causes the old hard knockdown; and yes, that means that normal Canis Major Press knockdown is now ground-techable.

EX Geatish Trepak now causes wall stick; regular Geatish Trepak now knocks the opponent across the screen.

All EX grab finishers scale the combo to 55% like regular command grabs, and the re-grab ones apply a hit of damage scaling. All EX finishers cannot land on the chair.

You can’t repeat the same EX finisher during a combo, but you can do different ones.

Wulfamania improvements:

Extended the grab range by a bit.

Fixed the active frames to work more like Ultimate Showstopper.

Completely redid the the catch animation.

Upon grabbing them, Beowulf is automatically granted maximum hype (3 levels).

No more special properties on grabs during it, but now since he has EX grabs you can use 3 of those.

Damage reductions, because his damage potential went up:

All M and H normals, and Wulf Blitzer, -25 damage per hit.

Chairless c.HK -100 damage.

Gigantic Arm -250 damage.

This all affects his standard combos by around -150 to -250 damage.

Added palette effects to indicate which Hype level he has; removed confetti on some moves and replaced it with the palette effect.

Canis Major Press attempts to not allow corner crossups afterward, from ranges where it would look ambiguous.

Added extra hitstop to L chair toss on hit so that juggling with dash MP is possible on all characters at point-blank range: +1f on medium weights (CE PS EL RO BE) and +4f on heavyweights (BB DO).

Beowulf-specific bug fixes:

Wulfamania now allows multiple air Diving Wulfdogs, in addition to ground ones. (Thanks, Rabbleflaggers!)

Fixed a bug with Canis Major Press->Pin where it would deal large fatal damage to the opponent from a normal Canis Major Press, without triggering the pin. It will now properly not apply the extra Pin damage unless it is an EX Press that actually leads to a Pin.

In double-snap or dead-point-character situations, chairless c.HP now acts as a launcher on assists rather than a knockdown, because chairless Beowulf was the only character who didn’t have any sort of uncombo on assists, let alone any kill loop that wasn’t *extremely* difficult.

Moved assist taunt VO to the right spot in the animation, rather than it being on the last frame for some reason; added a few extra reused lines so he isn’t solely saying “Get hype!”

Added an unused victory quote to victories over some characters.

Fix belt occasionally appearing in the wrong place on the first frame of blocking animations. (Thanks, Poccola, for the reminder!)

Improved the trajectory of assists hit by EX Killa.

The attached chair now displays Beowulf’s palette effects for hype/death/etc, except being lit on fire and things by being hit.

Moonsault grab pickup always gives the correct number of actions (3 linkers+a final one) afterward.

QCT+KK~P or PP~K now will not accidentally spend hype on a trashcan snapback. (Thanks, Daxam!)

Non-EX chair dance always has the correct recovery. (Thanks, Caio!)

Regular Wulf Press Slam and Diving Wulfdog can correctly kill even during supers. (Thanks, AlcoholicRobot!)

Corrected the position of Cerebella when hit by the last Headbutt or Knee, there was an error in her thrown frames. (Thanks, AlcoholicRobot!)

Can now determine the direction of Wulf Press Slam by pressing F/B all the way up until the frame he would turn around, instead of only at the same time as the initial input.

Inputting an EX Wulf Press Slam on the same frame as grab mode expires will now properly re-grab the opponent instead of spending the hype but releasing them anyway. (Thanks, Broken Loose!)

Fixed lots of sound effects bugs in crowd noise and announcers related to the new hype changes.

You can now tech his airthrow while holding Down! (Thanks, Huffy!)

Snapback now properly wallbounces Sekhmet, rather than the second hit snapping out Eliza.

Wulf Shoot is now throw-invincible from the start of his forward movement through the end of the active frames. This was an oversight, as all other command throws are throw-invincible while active.

Armor-got-touched effect on chairless c.HP/c.HK is now the regular armor effect, not the Hatred Guard effect.

s.HK can now stagger assists.

H chair toss now does not get hit by Big Band’s H Giant Step quake. (Thanks, Bang Camaro!)

Big Band

Instant j.LK is no longer overhead if done within the first 6f of his jump. (Instant j.MK is now his fastest jumping overhead.)

j.LK +3f recovery, just to prevent rising j.LK -> falling j.LK frametraps.

j.MK +1f recovery, just to prevent rising j.MK -> falling j.LK from being a possible 1-frame-link combo.

LK A-Train now starts followups at Combo Stage 3, to limit his followup damage at max Undizzy.

Somewhat increased the vacuum effect for far opponents of L Giant Step on ground hit, and drastically increased the vacuum effect of M Giant Step in the same situation.

Brass Knuckles (assist versions only):

M and H versions add an extra hit of damage scaling (damage * 0.875). Leaves the damage and armor the same but pretty drastically reduces any followup damage off an assist call combo start, and makes them much less useful as lockdown assists.

All versions blockstun and hitstun equalized to total 25f, down from 33f on H Brass and 29f on M Brass.

Beat Extend (assist versions only):

L and M versions +2 vulnerable frames at the startup: L 1f->3f vulnerable startup, and M 0f->2f vulnerable startup. Leaves the range the same, makes them both slightly less useful as invincible assists, since this vulnerable time is in addition to the 3f vulnerable startup all assists always have.

If Big Band hits two characters, all Beat Extend assists release the opponent’s assist 12f earlier than they release point character. Since this assist scoops up everything, this makes double snaps and late crossunders on two characters a bit more difficult.

Blockstun on L, M, and H Beat Extend as ASSIST ONLY decreased by 5-7f. On crouch block, M Extend blockstun is now equal to Pillar and Updo, and L Extend blockstun is 2f shorter than those. Blockstun on point unchanged.

Cannot parry point character projectiles with Down while on the ground. (Can still parry assist projectiles any direction because he can parry assists any direction.)

All strengths of Cymbal Clash are now not overhead.

j.HP damage is now 1000 (up from 900)

Changes to 2nd part of j.MK:

Hitstop 7-7-7-7f -> 3-3-3-7f, so that the whole thing ends sooner but the timing for comboing after the last hit is the same.

Improve opponent’s movement on gravity-scaled (3rd+) j.MK-MK.

Damage 350×4 -> 220-220-220-240.

With each successive use of j.MK 2nd part in a combo, Big Band falls faster.

Changes to Giant Step:

No more armor on H version.

L/M/H startup 18/21/24f -> 18/20/22f.

Recovery on H version -4f, disadvantage on block unchanged.

j.HK has 8f less landing recovery any time it is not chained into and doesn’t make contact with anything before landing.

M A-Train armor hits 1 -> 2; H A-Train armor hits 2 -> 3.

A bunch of parry improvements:

When parrying any projectile, Big Band moves forward and carries over some forward velocity. He moves forward less if he parries projectiles created by supers.

Inputting a D parry during the cooldown from an F parry, or an F parry during the cooldown of a D parry, resets the cooldown of the opposite parry. In other words, F parry -> D parry = both recover at the same time, instead of F recovering earlier. Fixes F,D,F,D,F,D… against projectiles.

Time before joystick must be released or parry is invalid 7f->12f.

Pressing other directions during a successful parry animation will not invalidate any existing parry inputs.

Can now parry ALL projectiles AND assist with either F or D on the ground AND in the air. (Still must parry the point correctly with F or D on the ground, and F in the air.)

Can now dash during the recovery of a successful parry, after the hitstop.

Adjust Big Band’s movement after air parry to not hop upward quite as much.

Reduced recovery of successful L A-Train enough to allow meterless followups in the corner. Decreased startup by 5f, decrease corner pushback on successful grab. (Thanks, SonicFox!)

Change opponent trajectory after taunted Tympany to allow followups midscreen. (Thanks, SonicFox!)

Decreased the startup of his tag-in.

You can now hold any P during the Super Sonic Jazz superflash to force a non-taunted version even with a taunt. Added a visual indication (musical notes) after the superflash of which version is happening. (Thanks, Liam!)

You can now hold any K during the last hit of Tympany to force a non-taunted version even with a taunt. (Thanks, Liam!)

Improved the opponent’s position during taunted SSJ rush and punch loop.

Increased invincibility on Strike Up the Band (Lv3) by 6f (1 more podium appearance) to help it not trade with close-range projectiles.

Improvements to Lv5 (Thanks, Liam!)

Now has Hyper Armor!

Now breaks all regular armor, but not Hyper Armor.

Increased the advantage on hit by +2f to make OTGs on Double more consistent.

Now vacuums on hit. (Thanks, FukuaTwerkTeam!)

Big Band-specific bug fixes:

If you Pushblock Guard Cancel and actually parry within the 5f “PBGC” window immediately after recovering, Big Band will now properly flash green. (Thanks, Warped!)

The end of a Lv5 if you just let time run out is now +1 instead of -12, and Big Band is still invincible while putting away the trumpet.

Trading with the launch hit of Beat Extend no longer sends the opponent flying ridiculously high up/far away.

No longer wrongly gets the short recovery from j.HK when landing on the same frame it makes contact.

Air parry frame vulnerable boxes now extend all the way down to where his feet would be, so parrying multiple hits in the air is more consistent.

Made taunted SSJ punches not push the opponent quite so far back.

Fixed landing parry bug. (Thanks, Jim Groovester!)

Parrying Val’s poison does not poison the character! (Thanks, Liam!)


Changes to Excellebella:

Meter gain reduced a bit, from 24 to 21.

The 2nd Excellebella used in a combo, or any Excellebella assist, grants greatly reduced meter, comparable to other special attacks.

Excellebella damage 1850->1650 (at maximum damage scaling reduced by ~120)

Using Excellebella as an assist, thus receiving the smaller amount of meter, does not result in reduced meter gain if used again when she is the point character later in the same combo. (Thanks, dekillsage!)

Cerecopter damage reduced by ~100, to ~1875 (at maximum damage scaling reduced by ~40).

j.D+MP now waits to start until she has been in the air for at least 2 frames, just like airdashes wait a certain number of frames after jumping.

Better sound for the hat spin in her intro. (Thanks, Vince!)

Expanded the hitboxes for Kanchou so that it combos on more characters at more heights, rather than whiffing.

The first hit of Diamond Dynamo will no longer hit as a crossup if the opponent is not in hitstun. This makes it much less useful as a catch-all antiair but doesn’t change it as a combo tool.

Lv3 damage 5500->5200, all from the first hit so counterhit damage is lessened also.

Grab Bag startup and fall is now throw-invincible until Cerebella lands. (Thanks, Zidiane!)

Increased Grab Bag’s throw tech window by 2f.

Cerebella-specific bug fixes:

c.MP is now unable to cross up enemies that are not already in hitstun, just like Fukua’s j.HK, because there was a frame-perfect unblockable using it that way.

The first 3 hits of Diamond Dynamo prevent dead opponents from becoming invincible once they reach a wall. The prevents a situation where Cerebella would kill a character with Dynamo, have most of it whiff, and be punishable on incoming with no option to save herself.

Fixed a bug where comboing hits vs her Lv3 would mistakenly allow bursts if she was above 240 Drama. (Thanks, Lawnba!)

Filled in hurtboxes “where they should be” during the recovery of Ultimate Showstopper on whiff. (Thanks, Wingzero and tossle!)

Removed extra post-superflash delay when Cerebella’s Ultimate Showstopper is done after a PBGC.

Kanchou now determines whether to wallbounce or not directly as it hits; doing a frame-perfect reset into a Kanchou will now get you the wallbounce instead of the failed version.

The Kanchou slide is now projectile-invincible from frame 3 (when the non-cancellable period begins) instead of frame 8.

Added small (~3f) buffer period for attacks after Dynamo, because there are 1f links to F+HP on some characters.

Fixed a bug where if she were hit by an armor-breaking move on the very last armored frame of a Lock’n’Load, she would go into the regular move ending instead of hitstun. (Thanks, FukuaTwerkTeam!)

Make the 2nd+ Kanchous in a combo deal the regular 1000 dmg, instead of the previous-version’s 1400.

Remove the ability to use Diamond Deflector on the earthquake from Big Band’s H Giant Step. (Thanks, lots of people!)

Reflecting Val’s poison does not poison the character! (Thanks, Liam!)


s.HP 2nd hit pulls the opponent in just a bit on hit, to help with confirms. Still pushes away on block.

Lady of Slaughter startup 20f->17f. Still not invincible.

P>K input priority, F,D,DF,F+P+K now gives DP instead of a servant summon.

Weight of Anubis improvements/fixes:

Albus will no longer throw the opponent backward past Eliza if they are close to her, as long as she is on the ground.

Albus’ startup time after appearing reduced; startup of the entire move is now 37f (down from 47f); it is no longer possible to simply walk backward out of his grab range by attempting to stand-block if you think Eliza’s doing a Dive of Horus.

Eliza’s recovery +6f, to make it slightly riskier to miss.

As the only two moves in the game to put you directly into sliding knockdown with no chance of hitting the victim out of the air first, Eliza’s Weight of Anubis assist and Peacock’s normal throw assist cause twice as much sliding time before the opponent is allowed to tech.

Grab now causes sliding knockdown to give less weird results that don’t depend on stage position and to make pickups easier, even though it uses up her OTG.

Still does no damage.

Khepri Sun (Lv3):

Standardized the last hit’s air time on everyone, slightly reduced the distance the opponent travels. [something]->H DP conversions should now be possible midstage on the entire cast, with [something] depending on the character. (Thanks, Calexe!)

Now does about 400 less damage unscaled, about 575 less damage fully scaled.

Eliza-specific bug fixes:

When L or M Upperkhat are blocked, then Eliza chains into H Upperkhat which misses the still-blocking point character but hits something else (assist, Fortune’s head, etc), Eliza is no longer able to jump-cancel, because the DP was correctly blocked. However, if the L or M Upperkhat are blocked but the H part successfully hits the point character, Eliza can still jump cancel.

Lady of Slaughter’s middle hits properly pay attention to the additional damage scaling if another sprite hits the enemy between Sekhmet’s hits. This prevents several cases where Lady of Slaughter would unscale multihit assists, such as Cerecopter, incorrectly resulting in 1.5-2.5k additional damage.

Adjusted the knockback on L and M parts of Upper Khat, so that very very close opponents in certain cases (like Painwheel’s forward dash) will more likely make it to the H part more often. Also adjusted airborne opponent juggle height so that all 3 parts will juggle more consistently. (Thanks, Satan!)

Extended Albus’ grab box back toward his body a bit to prevent it whiffing on Squigly in some instances where she was moving forward but not dashing. (Thanks, Donovan!)

Added VO for Sekhmet’s startup on Lady of Slaughter, after having taunted. (Thanks, havic!)

Fixed bug with Lady of Slaughter when DHC’d into from Robo’s Magnetic Trap. (Thanks, Broken Loose!)

Weight of Anubis now properly protects characters that jump to dodge it from being hit by air-unblockable moves for 35f, like all other untechable grabs. (Thanks, havick9!)

s.HPx3 (non-knockdown version) 3rd hit now has the same hitstun as the 2nd hit, not less, to allow Dive and things to combo after it on everyone.

Fixed same frame get-hit-and-armor-cancel bug on c.HK. (Thanks, Hamadori!)

Add masks to Albus’ frames in his grab so that the correct parts of him are behind the victim. This is a strictly visual fix.

Fixed position of Eliza’s on-back OTG frames relative to other characters; fixes Beowulf air Killa+Brass, among other things. (Thanks, Bang Camaro!)


Allow dash-cancelling Airball on block.

Airball advantage on block -2f, dash-cancel is now +6 and the move overall is -12. Ground Hairball unchanged (still -15). HK Airball dash-cancel s.LP is no longer a blockstring.

Filia-specific bug fixes:

Extended the farther hitboxes on her snapback downward, to allow OTGs from farther out.

Redrew the hitboxes on the active frame of s.LK so that it more reliably hits standing Painwheel and Ms. Fortune.

Doing Gregor Samson after the last hit of H Airball will drag the opponent downward slightly so Gregor connects on the characters she could miss before.

Increased the hitstun of the middle hits of Filia’s Hairball/Airball so that it is not possible to cancel to a Lv3 and have it not combo. (Thanks, SonicFox!)

Ground Hairball now causes facedown knockdown instead of faceup, which makes all 3 supers connect off it on the entire cast. (Thanks, Wingzero!)

Fixed her position at the end of Gregor Samson, so the recovery of the ground version is now ground-throwable. (Thanks, Liam!)

Extended the hitboxes on their snapback downward to the floor so it doesn’t miss herself during floorbounce frames. (Also fixed for Fukua)

Ms. Fortune

All normal attacks except s./c./j.HP, as well as Fiber Uppercut, are scaled by 10% (to 90% damage) when she has her head on

After H El Gato has been used once in a combo, further uses cause regular knockdown vs grounded opponents rather than floor bounce.

Headless improvements:

Headbutt is returned to Neutral+[release HP], and Zoom is returned to any F/B direction+[release HP], but releasing HP while holding straight Down only will not do any attack.

Headbutt +3f hitstun, 2f blockstun; Can now cancel the recovery after bouncing off into either Sneeze or Nom.

The head’s damage taken is now affected by Fortune’s damage scaling. Single hits do the same amount, even when they hit the head and body, but combos on the pair together do less than before. Ex: taunted SSJ in corner 5286 normally, 8474 on both before -> 7383 now; Copter+Dynamo in corner 3267 normally, 5183 on both before -> 4056 now; Death Crawl in corner 2367 normally, 3915 on both before -> 3298 now.

Added a 5f input buffer on Headbutt/Zoom/Nom, and a 10f buffer on Sneeze. Now you can reversal with head attacks!

By holding HP and pressing Left or Right, the head will walk around. Can’t be done during supers/etc.


Trajectory is still more vertical and higher, but slightly more horizontal than previously.

Opponent movement returned to closer to how it was before.

Cooldown -25f (now same as Zoom) because of the extra travel time for the head.

The head is now invincible all the way through the end of the active frames.

Hitstun +5f, blockstop +4f.

Feral Edge version unchanged.

Help her IAD j.LK hit (VA/FI/MF/CE/PE) in the corner. Actually was helped by hitbox changes! (Thanks, Stuff!)

Reduce height of hitbox on certain dash frames so she is consistently below Tear Shot rather than being one-pixel-too-high during certain frames. (Thanks, Stuff and Liam!)

Ms. Fortune-specific bug fixes:

Landing frames of Rekka->El Gato is now properly counterhit state, and properly leads to grounded hit reactions instead of air reactions. (Thanks, McPeanuts!)

Performing a kara-throw from the backward-moving startup of s.LK will now move her forward to her original spot, to prevent throws that would normally connect from whiffing if LK is pressed before LP. (Thanks, Worldjem!)

L Fiber Uppercut -2f hitstop on the opponent when blocked, M Fiber Uppercut -1f hitstop on the opponent when blocked. Not because they needed to be any more negative, but because the timing for when to press the button to punish her after blocking these was just a smidge too late, which caused people to miss the punish window often.

Extended the front hitbox of ground El Gato downward to better make contact with the head in the corner; air version unchanged.

Improved her taunt VO, removed the VO files taunt now uses from c.WP choices. (Thanks, Stuff!)

Headless Cat Scratch Fever’s ending drill hits now don’t whiff on any crouch-blocking characters.

c.LK->s.MP and c.LK->s.MK are now blockstrings. Block advantage of c.LK is unchanged.

During double-snaps where Fortune is the assist, the head is invincible when it is not in hitstun. (Thanks, Daemyx!)


Grounded QCT+P+K now gives Buer Reaper instead of Gae Bolga Stinger.

s.LP damage 325->200 to give you a reason to choose c.LP, which has slower startup but is otherwise functionally the same, instead.

Armor-cancelling j.HP into Buer Thresher (absorbing a hit and then doing the super) now locks the opponent out from DHCing before or after the superflash, until after the first hit of Thresher is active.

Flight changes:

Ground regular Flight startup 15f -> 12f (Flight -> j.LP = 20f).

Stinger-cancel (236MP/HP -> 214K) Flight is now the SAME SPEED as regular ground Flight, not any faster. Hitstun from s.HP and ground bounce from c.HP adjusted a tiny bit so that s.HP -> fly -> j.MK won’t combo, and c.HP -> fly -> j.MK always hits OTG. s.HP still combos into everything it used to.

Hatred Guard armor improvements!

On all armored normals, if the button is held for at least 7f of armor, the armor will continue up to just before the first active frame even if the button is released for a not-fully-charged attack. If the button is not held through at least 7f of armor, the armor disappears when the button is released, as it did before. (j.HP armor, if extended, continues during the first active frame, as it already did.)

Armor startup changes on normal attacks:

s.LP 3f -> 3f (no change)

c.LP 3f -> 4f

s.MP 5f -> 4f

c.MP 7f -> 5f

s.MK 7f -> 5f

s.HP 7f -> 6f

c.HP 9f -> 7f

c.HK 4f -> 5f

j.HP 2f (no change)

Hated Install changes:

All Buer Reapers scale to 70% while Installed, instead of the usual 50%.

Hatred Install will not expire during a combo while Painwheel is the point character, it will remain at 1f left until the combo is finished! (Timer returned to normal, 660f at full health and 1300f at 1HP.)

DHCing into Hatred Install gives 1/3 the regular time. It is still a safe DHC, and since the timer won’t expire during your combo, DHCing in on hit is better than before, but now it isn’t as much of a threat when used as a safe DHC on block.

During Hatred Install, Death Crawl and Buer Thresher are now damage-scaled as Lv3s and Buer Overdrive is scaled as a Lv5. Damage for all supers during Install has been adjusted, as well.

However, if you DHC into Hatred Install, the timer is now half as long as it would be normally.

Armor for all normal attacks begins on the first frame during Install.

Install activation +4f advantage if the opponent is in hitstun.

During Hatred Install, once per combo you get one of each: s.L Buer staggers, s.M Buer / s.H Buer / j.L Buer cause wall-stick, j.M Buer still causes sliding, and j.H Buer causes floorbounce. After the special reaction is used, that version of Buer returns to the normal behavior for the rest of the combo.

Painwheel-specific bug fixes:

Fixed her intro VO for P2 Valleywheel in her new intros: if she would’ve responded to P1 with a growl or comment, she won’t interrupt herself anymore. (Thanks, various foxes!)

She now moves forward on frame 3 of c.LK instead of frame 4, because the art expected her to move forward on frame 3.

Redrew the hitboxes on her snapback to get rid of the tiny boxes at the end that could miss as an OTG hit. (Thanks, Stuff!)

Actually fixed Thresher being able to physically hit the point character without grabbing them, now each hit either grabs or will not make contact with the point.

Fixed a bug where releasing the button for armor the frame AFTER Painwheel is touched would result in going into hitstun instead of armoring the attack.

Extended the hitbox of all M and H Buer Reapers back toward Painwheel so that they don’t whiff up close. (Thanks, WarpedEcho and acfan!)

Increased the size of the hitbox for the second hit of Painwheel’s air M Buer Reaper, to prevent a rare miss against Squigly.

Lv3 now gets +1 hit of armor while Installed, just like all her other armored moves. (Thanks, JSlayerXero!)

Changed the opponent’s movement after Installed throw so their arc/airtime more closely matches her un-Installed throw, instead of landing 7-8f sooner and farther away. (Thanks, WarpedEcho!)

Adjusted the end of Buer Thresher so that the opponent is knocked ever so slightly farther away; prevents Painwheel from crossing up Filia occasionally leading to weird behavior. To combo afterward now, fly DF+MK should always work. (Thanks, Daemyx for the reminder!)

Fixed M Buer->Death Crawl on Double by increasing the hitstop of Death Crawl to 4f on OTG hit only. Death Crawl’s hits are floor bounces, so this only happens on the first hit if it happens at all. (Thanks, Daemyx!)

Improved ability to armor cancel and pushblock between hits of j.MP.


Motor Brigade changes:

Bikes are now faster than before so they juggle off Napalm Pillar anywhere on everyone. Advantage on block is therefore less than before, and it is possible to pushblock and punish with a Light/Medium/super, but you can’t jump out after blocking Napalm Pillar->Motor Brigade midscreen so no more jumping Hard Counterhit punishes. Advantage on hit +2f, still possible to juggle after.

Opponent reaction changed to facedown knockdown for easier juggles.

Chip damage 450->600.

Last 4 bikes won’t hit opponents who were tossed by Egret Charge, unless there were hit by a previous bike; the upshot of this is that cancelling Egret Charge into Motor Brigade (where the Motor Brigade picks up into the grab) will not ruin the wallbounce anymore.

Tiger-Kneed Tears now produce the regular small tear explosion when ignited by Parasoul’s attacks, instead of a teeny-tiny version of the large explosion. The two explosions are basically equivalent anyway, but this is more consistent. Like before, they still produce large tear explosions when ignited by other tears.

Inferno Brigade Egrets now continue shooting if Parasoul DHC’s out. They still stop if she tags out, though.

Egret Charge: the sad Egret (when Parasoul is hit out of her startup) drives faster so the cooldown is shorter, and is visually dimmed so he looks less like one that can hit.

For s.HP-HP, both hits pull downward on hit vs airborne opponents.

Egret Dive:

Salute time (recovery) +10f.

Meter gain for absorbing projectiles, first hit 8->7, subsequent hits 1/2 -> 1/3.

If a projectile makes contact with Egret Dive, the point character is completely protected as long as they are behind the Egret. This includes beams. The Egret can also be hit by multiple projectiles in the same frame, which means he now entirely stops Parasoul’s Lv3, Valentine’s scalpels, etc., although you will only get meter for stopping one projectile per frame.

Tears that are set in a combo and detonated by j.LP in the same combo will still be the regular explosion, not the smaller one; this way the below change doesn’t ruin combos. (If you drop the combo and start a new one, or set the tear at neutral then start a combo and detonate it with j.LP, it will still be the smaller explosion.)

Igniting a tear with j.LP produces the small “tear expired” explosion. The practical difference is ~15f less hitstun on TK tear -> j.LP, so it can still be used to keep people out but doesn’t give you forever to confirm and dash in.

Added a 4f buffer period on normal attacks after L Tear Shot, for linking followups. She can now buffer a button or stick dash as well as normals/specials/supers, to prevent missed dashes becoming normal attacks (instead of nothing) when you hit a button too early.

Fix Spiral Flare (j.B+LK) to allow armor cancels and pushblocks more consistently. (Thanks, dragonos451!)

s.LPx2 now hits crouching Double with both strikes, except at the very tip.

Parasoul-specific bug fixes:

Cancelling from c.HP to superjump startup to Napalm Pillar, instead of c.HP cancelling directly to Napalm Pillar, now counts as the same chain, rather than counting Napalm Pillar as the start of a new chain. No more accidental bursts because you were 1f too late!

Fixed vulnerable boxes on front fall hitstun to more closely match other characters, since Parasoul is not at the same angle as most of them.

Extended her OTG frame vulnerable boxes downward as far as other cast members, to prevent moves from whiffing underneath her when she is OTG’d.

Fixed a MOST IMPORTANT bug with the Salty Parasoul voice pack. She is now at least 1% more insulting at the proper time.

Tear explosions now properly interact with other projectiles, rather than being ignored by them. (Thanks, NCV!)

Fixed a bug where tear explosions got moved around by Beowulf’s Lv3, among other hits.

Fixed a bug with her Lv3. (Thanks, DoubleOrNothing!)

Made it easier to pushblock Motor Brigade, reduced blockstop + increase blockstun by same amount. (Thanks, Liam!)

s.HP on hit -7 -> -2, s.HPx2 on hit -5 -> -2. Block disadvantage unchanged. (Thanks, SonicFox!)

Increased minimum scaled damage on Motor Brigade from ~500 to ~1000.


George->L Teleport now requires specfically a QCB+LK / 236LK input, rather than any shortcut or motion using the MK/HK buttons.

Goodfellows causes sliding knockdown, and puts the opponent at fullscreen.

Shadow of Impending Doom scales followups to 80% (up from previous values), except if it is Tenrai Ha.

You can now DHC into Goodfellows with QCB+PP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DHC’d version is a hit instead of a throw, and it is scaled to always do just a teeny bit more damage than Lenny->Argus would do (on average). Peacock’s recovery on whiff is very long, around 60f, so don’t miss or get blocked. You cannot do this version as a point character.

In addition to cancelling a bomb toss into another bomb toss, she can now cancel the first bomb toss into an L teleport only, by inputting QCB+LK/236LK. M and H were extremely good for offense, but L is good for runaway which suits her just fine. (Shortcut input changed to B+K instead of D+K so that it does not overlap with valid bomb->bomb cancel inputs at all.)

Road Roller:

Improved the opponent’s movement afterward, followup combos are now possible with H Teleport -> OTG c.LP, like other Lv3 items.

New VO from Avery when it is dropped.

Improved the camera shake and timing, and made the beatdown portion cut out the stage music for better dramatic effect.

LK teleport moves her backward, slightly less distance than a backdash.

L Teleport is not fake even while holding a punch button – M and H teleports still are.

MP Bang!

Active frames 2->4, to help it be just slightly more useful.

Increased knockback on hit and block.

j.LP 9f->8f. No longer hits overhead if done before an airdash would have come out during a jump, like Eliza’s j.LK.

M and H Georges (bombs) startup now 15f (down from 18 and 20).

c.MP +2f hitstun so s.HK combos off it; pulls in very slightly on hit, and pulls down very slightly on air hit.

Increased the range of s.LK, but the entire extended eyeball is vulnerable now.


No longer stops any hits or projectiles from his ally team; every hitbox pushes him like before, but passes through and can still hit other things.

Attacks that touch him still make hitsparks, but remain active. Opposing team’s attacks are still stopped when they hit him, like before.

Allies can’t chain off hitting him now, however – it’s the same as hitting Egret Charge.

Lowered the vulnerable boxes on c.LK, to help it be a slightly better antiair.

P > K input priority for special moves: QCB+P+K now gives Item Drop, QCT+P+K now gives Bang.

Small damage reductions on some normals: c.HP 900->800; j.HK first hit 900->800, Avery hits 450->400; j.HP 1200->1050; s.HK 1000->950.

As the only two moves in the game to put you directly into sliding knockdown with no chance of hitting the victim out of the air first, Eliza’s Weight of Anubis assist and Peacock’s normal throw assist cause twice as much sliding time before the opponent is allowed to tech.

Airthrow leaves the opponent JUST SLIGHTLY closer.

Little Argus lasers now correctly create IPS/Undizzy sparks.

Peacock-specific bug fixes:

Spiked balls dropped during a Tenrai Ha don’t add any Undizzy, instead of possibly adding up to 100 extra undizzy for hitting with all of them. They can still trigger an Undizzy burst if they make contact at over maximum. Regular Lv2 spiked balls still work normally, and the Tenrai Ha weight itself still adds the regular amount of Undizzy. (Thanks, Lawnba!)

Shortened George at the Airshow’s kara-snapback window from 5f to 2f, the same window as most other specials, to help prevent accidental snapbacks when releasing H SoID at the same time as tossing a plane.

Argus Agony’s little lasers don’t erroneously produce IPS sparks on assists.

L Bang now knocks down with no OTG allowed vs air, and the same thing if it is used again when stagger has already been used in a combo. It is no longer -12 on hit in those situations. (Thanks, Psychopath!)

Shortened the recovery of Goodfellows by 5f so that Peacock is not negative on hit if you’ve already used your OTG during the combo before landing it.

Corrected the voice clips for j.LK, which has been wrong since the beginning of time! (Thanks, Donovan!)

Fix the end of her ground throw to not get sometimes get caught on the victim when they are released. (Thanks, Catfish!)

She can now jump-cancel her backdash.

The first 3f of Teleport (before she is invincible) is now correctly super-cancellable.

Improved the opponent’s movement during the “little laser” part of Argus Agony so many more of them hit, on average. Reduced the damage of the little lasers from 200 per hit to 180; over 50 uses, the average damage of the super remained exactly the same as it was before. Though the potential maximum damage is now lower, the likely minimum damage is higher.

Enlarged the hitbox on her tag in, and made the hit slightly more impactful.

Widened the hitbox of MP Bang! a bit near Peacock’s body, so that it doesn’t miss certain crouching attacks or hitstuns up close. (Thanks, amabane!)

Make Peacock’s SoiD properly disappear when she is thrown immediately after blocking while holding a Shadow that has been RELEASED during blockstun. (Psychopath)

Made Peacock’s air knockdown fall loop also have consistent hitboxes through the whole animation, rather than only boxes rotating with her. Extended her boxes upward so that she is relatively the same as other characters.


c.HP and s.F+HP final hits no longer knock down vs airborne opponents.

c.HP damage reduced by 93. Still more than s.HP and s.F+HP at full damage and when fully scaled, but reduced a teensy bit.

Lv3 changes:

Recovery is 8f faster.

Damage per hit 550->675.

The flame ball goes away if Squigly is hit by a snapback. She still has safe setups for it, but it is no longer completely 100% free offense.

H divekick works as OTG.

Can now hold or cancel any Whip Stance or Dragon Stance assist, except Draugen Punch, when used as a Stunt Double (alpha counter). Draugen Punch is the exception because only the uncancellable H Seria version is invincible during startup.

Lv5 minimum damage is now 5000.

Lv5 now requires either Seria charge + taunt, not both charges.

P > K input priority for stances, so now she can reversal DP + assist.

You can now call assists during stances! This means QCT+assist gives you assist plus the stance attack, and if your inputs are good, while holding a stance you can call assists. All other cancels still work the same way.

Stance-attack assists no longer autocorrect twice, once on landing and once on the move startup. Now they only do it on landing, like all other assists.

Decreased the startup of her tag-in, correct the hit direction when the opponent is behind her, and made it knock the opponent farther so it works better in midstage.

Squigly-specific bug fixes:

Lv3 fireball’s movement between fast hits greatly reduced, and the opponent is knocked upward less by all middle hits, to make it hit more fully against oddly-positioned airborne opponents and close-up standing opponents.

Fixed j.MP pseudo-unblockable, while maintaining the same basic movement arc for the move. (Thanks, Datagram!)

H Fallen Woman no longer triggers the extremely long second hit if it makes contact with armor without breaking the armor. Still properly happens if she breaks the armor.

Fixed bad visual interactions between Center Stage and Leviathan in Rage of the Dragon.

Restored very old voice lines for Liver Mortis assist, but still left “MORTIS!” VO for Seria version when Squigly is the point character. (Thanks, Cheesedragon!)

Assist calls are now correctly disabled during the invincible startup of H Seria Draugen Punch. You can still do DP+P+K as normal, but you can’t call them during the animation. (Thanks, Huffy!)

Lv5 now properly protects characters that jump to dodge it from being hit by air-unblockable moves for 35f, like all other untechable grabs. (Thanks, havick9!)

Fixed two bugs introduced by allowing her to call assists during stances: QCT+LP+LK not being a stancel, and holding a button during hitstop while doing the opposite button’s stance not being a stancel.

Seria Center Stage’s superflash now properly drags in the opponent even when Squigly is in the corner! You will not get the wallbounce if you threw them out of the corner and cancelled to Seria Center Stage, but at least you can get SBO etc. Uncharged Center Stage is unchanged.


Lv3 startup is no longer super-able after the flash if you were within half a screen of her and committed to an attack/dash/etc. It is still blockable at any distance, if you were not doing anything.

Framed the camera better after Lv3.

Countervenom now brings very high airborne opponents down closer to Val on hit, to make more consistent followups possible. (Quality of life change; further improved their position.)

Fixed up purple poison a bit more, redid the way it calculates applied damage. At 1.0x the Lv1->Lv2 upgrade now adds +665 damage, and Lv2->Lv3 adds +775. (Compared to before where Lv1->Lv2 was +953 and Lv2->Lv3 was +487, this is preferable since the Lv3 upgrade is actually worth using instead of using 2x Lv2s. The total bonus for Lv1->Lv3 is the same, but the bonus for Lv1->Lv2 is 288 less than before.)

Purple poison’s damage is now based on Val’s own solo/duo/trio damage multiplier, not the opponent’s max heath. They now do more damage when Val herself does more, rather than doing more damage against more powerful opponents. (This is much more consistent with everything else in the game, and fixes solo-vs-trio poison doing way too little and trio-vs-solo poison doing way too much.)

Updated special move priority: QCT+P+K = Dead Cross on the ground, but Savage Bypass in the air.

Level 1/2/3 green poison adds 20/30/40 frames of hitstop to OTG hits. (The same number of frames as it extends non-knockdown hitstun.)

Countering bursts with Acquisitive Prescription now gives proper undizzy bonus on the next hit. Damage still scaled to 50%.

Added a 10f buffer window for doublejump or airdash after a successful air Bypass.

Vial Hazard assist:

Automatically throws a syringe if called when she has any poison loaded.

As an assist, loading poison counts as using your assist for the current combo.

As an assist, the loading pose is always the same length, which is 11f longer than a Lv3 load on point.

Can properly do backdash-airdash by pressing PP during a backdash again.

Can now buffer throw into backdash-airdash just like normals.

Extended the hitbox on j.LP back toward her body so that not-quite-fastest backdash-airdash-LP hits everyone crouching in the corner. Fastest-possible version already hit everyone. (Thanks, hilaryyy!)

Increased the hitstop on the kick from her airthrow by 1f, and added hitstop on the preflash portion of Checkmate Incision or Flatline when done immediately after a successful airthrow, to make OTGless 1-bar conversions more consistent.

Gave backdash->airdash a shortcut of just F, not requiring F,F.

Now that backdash->airdash is much easier, moved the earliest airdash-cancel time in backdash to 4f later, so that backdash->airdash j.LP is the same speed as Filia IAD j.LK AND so that all jumping attacks reach active frames when done as fast as possible.

Valentine-specific bug fixes:

She can now jump-cancel ALL the grounded frames of her backdash.

After Acquisitive Prescription, s.LK/s.MP[1]/s.MP-MP[1]/s.MK[1] all properly combo into s.HP, rather than not comboing by 1f.

DHCing out of Countervenom during the hitstop no longer keeps your Lv3 poison.

Acquisitive Prescription -> launch -> air combo is now properly IPS stage 3. (Thanks, Lex and Fedora Ninja!)

Mortuary Drop is no longer wrongly supercancellable on the frame she touches the ground for the slam, before she releases the opponent.

Mortuary Drop assist attempts not to slide past the opponent if they are thrown.

Fukua’s shadows properly disappear if Valentine counters Fukua with Acquisitive Prescription.

Countering a Countervenom with Acquisitive Prescription or Countervenom now gets rid of the poison. (She’s still visually poison-colored during the superflash, but she’s not really poisoned.)

If the opponent is doing an armored attack, Acquisitive Prescription (counter super with no poison loaded) now removes the opponent’s armor while they are frozen – except against Sekhmet, because Sekhmet has no throw with which to bait the counter.

Uncombo’d teleport-grab hit of Lv3 is now -3 on hit, though she’s invincible until she recovers. (Thanks, gllt!)

Extended the hitbox on her snapback down to the floor close to her; fixes OTG snapback on some characters. (Thanks, Lex!)

Fixed horizontal position of Beowulf when released by Valentine’s airthrow so he doesn’t end up behind her for a frame if he hits the floor. (Thanks, Datagram!)

Fix airthrow release position for Parasoul and Valentine, it was MUCH too high.

Increased the buffer period from backdash to airdash so there are not dead frames.


Marie bug fixes:

Fixed an infinite loop in her hard hitstun.

Previously, “should Marie get stunned” points were added based on the raw damage of each hit, so a solo added more points than a character on a team, and thus could stun her faster. Now all characters add points at the same rate, which is the rate that a 2-character team added points before.

Fixed an issue where hitting Marie just as her “get stunned” timer ran out would not put her into a new hit reaction, even though she would remain in her current hit reaction and could go into a new reaction the next time she was hit. These missed hits would also not deal any damage or grant any meter. Now they do.

Fixed an issue where occasionally Marie’s undizzy bar would show up full for a few frames.

Source: Official Skullgirls website.
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