Daigo says playing Guile makes him unhappy, will be sticking with Ryu in Street Fighter 5 Season 2

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 13, 2017 at 8:18 p.m. PST

BST|Daigo has been playing a lot of Guile in Street Fighter 5 Season 2 as of late. According to the fighting game legend, the changes made to Ryu in last month's update were just a bit too drastic and hurt the character too much for Daigo's liking.

2017 was going to be the year of Guile for Daigo, a year with a high chance of success considering how strong the Street Fighter 2 veteran is this season. But it looks like that's not going to be the case anymore.

In a recent broadcast of The BeasTV, Daigo stated that he will be sticking with Ryu in Street Fighter 5 Season 2. Thanks to the translation work of the show's producer Jiyuna, we were able to get the details on Daigo's decision.

During the stream, Daigo explained that he is going to do his best with Ryu despite the nerfs, and he's going to win.

Initially, Daigo felt stuck in a mindset that convinced him he cannot win with Ryu in Season 2. Going forward, he is motivated to play his trademark main, noting that he is doing away with the lame, defensive play-style he had with Ryu in Season 1 and replacing it with a more aggressive, offensive Ryu.
Though Guile is undoubtedly strong in Season 2, Daigo didn't feel great about scoring wins with a top tier character. Jiyuna notes that Daigo was unhappy selecting Guile because it made him feel as though he was competing solely for work and not for fun.

"'I have to win. If I don't win, my sponsors are going to leave me,"' Jiyuna said quoting Daigo. "Even though he was doing all that and winning with Guile, he felt like, 'wait... when did playing fighting games become work? Playing fighting games is something I love. They're supposed to be fun. I shouldn't be doing something for the sake of winning, for the sake of my sponsors.'"

It is clear that Daigo just didn't share the same excitement for playing Guile as he does with Ryu, which means we can expect more classic Shoto action from The Beast this year. And if he does happen to lose sponsors due to poor tournament results, well, get ready for Daigo: the YouTuber! Okay, he did say that jokingly, but the "Daigo Tries It" show mentioned on the stream definitely sounds like something I'd want to see.

Even though Guile is stronger in Street Fighter 5 Season 2, Daigo believes he is going to win more with Ryu this year. He feels the excitement and the drive to play the character he is most well known for representing.

Daigo's character discussion begins around 1:35:00 in the archive.

Source: Daigo The BeasTV.
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