'At some point, especially at EVO, where they boo me—it takes a toll, but that turns into my passion' - ChrisG on rough times and rolling with changes

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 10, 2017 at 7:43 p.m. PST

Love or hate him, there's no denying that EG|ChrisG is one of the most talented fighting game players to compete in tournament play.

Though he's most known for his god-status in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Christopher Gonzales seems to be able to crack top eight brackets in virtually any of the many games he chooses to enter at major tournaments.

During Gonzales' rise to the top of the fighting game ranks, he garnered something of a villainous persona in a good portion of the community eye. Recent times have seen more boos replaced with cheers, but in a recent interview with The Hundreds the Marvel master offered a seldom shared insight into his perspective on things.

"At some point, especially at EVO, where they boo me—it takes a toll on you," said Chris, "But that turns into my passion. You start to realize, no matter how good you do, there’s going to be someone that doesn’t like it."

Gonzales has reported that he's generally happier nowadays, and it seems crowds have been more willing to get behind him as of late.

"I put [audience negativity] in the back of my head. Recently, everyone was rooting for me. Even half of the people who hated me. Having that support was a good thing," he told The Hundreds.

Perhaps the now Los Angeles-based player's positive shift in FGC presence has come as a result of positive shifts in his personal life.

"There was a time where I was winning everything, and I became money hungry. And then something happened to me personally, and I started to lose every tournament," he explained.

"I went from making so much money to struggling to pay rent. I learned to focus and got back on the grind, but at that moment I noticed that if you don’t have a sponsor, then you can’t do it on your own."

Indeed Gonzales has cycled through a handful of different sponsors over the past few years, but very well may have found the perfect home in his recent move to join Evil Geniuses.

With a new Marvel game on the horizon and a new tournament season of Street Fighter 5 kicking off soon, we expect we'll continue to see great things from ChrisG.

Source: The Hundreds. Image of Chris courtesy of Karaface.

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